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How Much Does It Cost To Make A Website In 2022? (Cost Estimation)

Introduction to Website Development

A modern business cannot function in oblivion without a website. There is a certain need to increase the business reach and drive growth with rapid penetration. This is why many small and medium businesses ask how much does a website cost.

However, if you run a small company on a shoestring budget, developing a website may seem to be a difficult job. Take into consideration that the answer to how much it costs to create a website depends on its size, type (static or dynamic), and functionality - the more web pages and functions, the more expensive it is.

This implies that a small business website will be much less expensive than a fully customised one for a big firm. It all boils down to your specific requirements and demands of web development.

The cost of developing a website may vary from £300 and £30,000 or more. However, by navigating the approach to design and identifying cost-cutting opportunities, you may substantially reduce the cost of creating a website.

Developing and maintaining a dynamic and new online presence is critical for many companies since many customers now expect firms to have an online presence to see what the company has to offer. Additionally, you must stand out from rivals, differentiate yourself and ensure that your services are discoverable.

Therefore, having a website that fulfils these criteria is critical. And, since many companies lack the time or expertise necessary to construct their website, they turn to a custom web development company in the UK that offers services from scratch to maintenance. Website designers are experts in creating websites that successfully showcase your company user-friendly and optimised to boost your search engine results.

What are the Types of Websites available for specific businesses?

Types of Websites

eCommerce website

If you want to sell goods online — anything from shoes, purses, and phone chargers to makeup or auto parts – you'll need eCommerce capability. In this scenario, you have many choices, ranging from self-hosted Shopify (pay monthly) to large systems such as Magento, which support thousands of items and have comprehensive API feeds, financial system interfaces, numerous payment gateways, and customization.

If you ask how much to build a website for an eCommerce store, several factors must be considered. Lower-priced options, such as Shopify Advanced, cost about £225 per month and restrict the purchasing experience to 'out of the box' standards.

For businesses with a budget of between £10k and £40,000, it is recommended to opt for WooCommerce or OpenCart. Both these solutions provide customised eCommerce experiences.

Web apps

While freelancers may wonder how much to charge for a website, a web development company will help you identify your business goals. Therefore, they can help build web applications that are accessible through a web browser and do not need downloading or installation. Yet, they are responsive and perform similarly to a native mobile app.

Intelivita is an expert in developing web applications using Laravel as the backend and React Native or Vue as the frontend. If you want to know how much it costs to build such web applications, it ranges from £50k to £150k. Progressive web applications (PWAs) are the next generation of web technology for providing consumers with app-like experiences.

Portfolio website

It is a wonderful method to show off highly graphic projects that highlight ability and expertise, they are perfect for the creative industry.

This website will be beneficial to interior designers, office fit-out firms, illustrators, animators, and photographers. As easy as they may seem, if you are trying to know how much it costs to set up a portfolio website, it is better to set it between £15,000 and $30,000.

Lead generation website

Creating a lead generation website in the UK is important as they place a premium on content, search engine optimization, and calls to action. They seek to create a high number of leads and inquiries feasible for a certain product or service.

Lead generation websites provide a wealth of high-quality information, tips, downloads, and videos, all designed to portray the business as a product, service, and industry expert.

These websites frequently have specialised landing pages for certain items or services promoted using PPC, Facebook, or LinkedIn advertisements. When combined with marketing automation solutions, businesses may acquire email addresses lawfully and nurture leads through a sales funnel.

If you want to know how much it costs to build a website for lead generation, then we must say that it ranges anywhere between £5k to £30k.

Membership website

Whether for a fee or free, these websites are excellent for organizations that need members to join up for their company or website in return for useful information. They come in various shapes and sizes: from gyms to online course providers to personal or professional groups to big corporations with hundreds of workers that need access to the shared files, documents, and templates. They range in price from £20,000 to £50,000 and can store a large quantity of data.

How much time does it take to build a website?

How much time does it take to build a website


Review details

This phase may take 2-5 days, depending on the length of the website. The goal is to help developers review the project and pose questions if any. It is crucial to dwell on a certain aspect of a website which helps to answer how much it will cost to create a website.

Wireframe timings

A pre-mockup phase where designers create a site's blueprint. It is just barebones sans colours and copies to visualise the site's structure and style. They make grey boxes that represent the locations of hero pictures, call-to-action-buttons, text, and images on a web page which may take 7-10 days to complete entirely. This enables the design team and client to agree on the site's structure before adding any visual components.

Mockup design time

The most difficult aspect of this stage is waiting to see what your designer has in store for you. It may take up maybe another 10 days or more for the designers to build a model of your website's new homepage and other interior sections.

Our designer will create a full-colour mockup using your brand's components, colours, and typography. While it will not be a completely functional website at the time, you will get a sense of how it will appear and operate.

Design Review and Feedback

It is critical to inspect every aspect of the design demonstration you get thoroughly. If you accept the design but fail to notice a problem, you will find yourself back at square one in the future. This may take around 6-7 hours stretched across 2-3 days.

Providing constructive criticism is a critical component of the open communication strategy you've established with your designer. Because they are not physically creating your website next to you, it may be challenging to obtain a perfect mockup on the first try.

Coding the website

Everything from planning to wireframing was intended to go through this phase — website development. This phase may take about two weeks or more of work. This is why your team needs to relax and let the web developers work their charm.

The number of hours here will determine how much a website development will cost. Additionally, you may create check-ins during the first meeting to establish agreed-upon dates and prevent seeming needy. Here, you'll be able to identify any mistakes or modifications early on, avoiding any major revisions during the final assessment step.

This may shorten the time required for completion, allowing you to have your brand new website up and running sooner.

Review and Launch times

Your designer will email you a preview link once the website has been coded and ready to go live. Focus on the usability and responsiveness of your website as well as any animation components or general theme.

Tell your designer if anything has changed, and it should not take more than 2-3 days to fix the changes.

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Choosing the Right Website Development Method by Asking Key Questions

Answering the following questions will assist you in determining how much it costs to create a website coupled with the right style that suits your business. It will enable you to choose the framework you are operating, which will direct you to your next actions.

Q.1 What purpose will my website serve?

What style do you envision for your website? Is this a portfolio or a blog? Is it going to be an e-commerce site? Alternatively, are you developing this website for a huge business?

Answering that question will assist you in determining the complexity and size of the website that you require. Additionally, it will enable you to brainstorm potential functionalities for this website coupled with cost estimation to create such a website.

You'll learn which web development approach is most likely to be productive based on your responses. For instance, if you're looking to create a simple personal website with a few pages, a website builder may be a decent option.

If you're looking to create a blog or a website with a basic design, you might consider using WordPress. Additionally, if your website will require many pages, functionality, and an attractive overall design, hiring a freelance web developer may be the best option.

Q2. What is my website development budget?

If your budget is limited, you must ask the developers at the forefront about how much a website costs. This way, you will be better prepared for the expenses in future and stay away from any unnecessary expenses.

Utilizing a website builder like WordPress is a more cost-effective alternative, requiring significantly more hands-on effort.

Q.4 What are the skill levels required for website development?

Assess your technical skills and understanding. How convinced are you of your ability to develop a website on your own?

If you lack technical abilities and are a slow learner, you're better off delegating this task to a professional. You can rely on an efficient team. Wondering how to get such a team on board? Check out how to choose a web development team. Additionally, the cost of developing a website by hiring skilled workers on a project basis makes sense to bring in the necessary technology and tools.

Moreover, working with WordPress is also a cheaper way to get a website done. This approach enables you to create any website while keeping the development costs cheap.

Q.5 Who will lead the website management project?

If you hire a professional designer, you may anticipate paying an ongoing maintenance charge to keep your site running well. Depending on the expert, this may cost between £100 and £600 each year, or perhaps more.

Alternatively, you may engage outside assistance, which can range in price from £35/hour to £6000/month and more, based on the service as well as the size of your site.

The same holds with WordPress - you'll need to maintain your website alone or seek outside assistance. The pricing range will remain the same as previously stated.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Website Development?

Factors Affecting Cost of Website Development

If you want to know how much it costs to make a website, remember, it varies depending on the factors involved.

The technique you utilise to create a website is a significant influence in determining the pricing. Hiring a professional to perform the work for you will always be more expensive than designing and constructing your company website.

It's crucial to have a plan and weight in the costs for every element you'll need to create a website:

Maintenance Costs

Bear in mind that the cost of design and development is not the full cost of your website. Once the website is operational, it will need upkeep.

Maintenance and support costs are determined by the size and intricacy of your site's architecture. There is no denying, however, that it is an inevitable aspect of operating a website.

After the website is built, website maintenance experts often charge an hourly fee for further care and changes.

Additionally, you should budget for security features, web hosting, a domain name, marketing, and other ongoing website development expenses. You may anticipate spending between £100 and £600 each year for website upkeep.

WordPress comes pre-installed with hundreds of themes. While some are free, others may cost a lot of money if you want a one-of-a-kind design with extra features.

The key to discovering the ideal theme is a clear idea of what you're searching for. Recognise your brand, your WordPress website's goal, the functionality you need, the navigation, and the overall user experience.

WordPress themes that are available for free are ideal for novices. Even if their default design does not have all the features you require for your site, you can easily add them through plugins.

If, however, you're searching for a more customised solution, third-party sites such as Theme Forest and Template Monster may be your best bet. Pre-made WordPress website themes typically cost between £50 and £200.


When creating a website, selecting the appropriate plugins may be daunting. The following is a list of the most popular and useful:

  • Yoast SEO (costs between $0 and $89). It is the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress, and it will assist you in optimizing your content for search engines. If you want to use digital marketing, this plugin is a must-have.
  • Imagify (monthly subscriptions ranging from $0 to $9.99). Large pictures are one of the primary causes of a website's sluggish performance. That is where Imagify steps in to assist you in rapidly optimising your site's pictures.
  • Jetpack (annual fee ranges from $0 to $39). This is an excellent plugin for optimizing the speed and security of your website.
  • W3 Total Cache (from zero to ninety-nine dollars per year). A fantastic cache plugin for optimizing your custom website's performance and user experience.
  • Elementor (annual subscription fee ranging from $0 to $199). Elementor is a WordPress website builder plugin that greatly simplifies the process of website creation.
  • Monster Insights (annual subscriptions range from $0 to $99.50). This is the finest Google Analytics WordPress plugin available. It enables you to monitor and control the data on your website.

When creating your website, take care to choose the plugins that your site requires. The more plugins you install, the greater the chance your website may slow down and have security problems.

Always download and test the free version before making any purchases. Almost certainly, your unique website will function quite well without expensive plugins.

Website Design

If it comes to website creation, good web design is critical for success. It impacts the navigation, functionality, and information of your website in addition to the aesthetic elements.

The web design price is determined by whether you want a custom site built from the ground up or use one of several pre-made themes. It also strongly depends on the following elements:

  • The number of pages and the complexity of the design
  • Responsiveness
  • Additional features
  • Customization options
  • Experience and hourly rate of the specialist

The benefit of hiring a professional website development team is that they will include the costs of plugins, add-ons, and other requested features in their price estimate.

If you're seeking to create a website for a small company and don't need extensive features, website costs should begin at $300. The price may be reduced if you purchase a theme and request that the freelancer modifies its design.

However, developing a big website from scratch may cost upwards of $800, if not more.

Content Management System

With such a content management system (CMS), you can easily update your website's text, pictures, and pages with a few clicks. The most common content management systems (CMS) are open source (free), with web designers incurring fees for setup and design modification (theming).

The cost of an open-source content management system varies according to the number of pages on the website and the intricacy of the design.


Technical components of the website, including eCommerce, discussion forums, picture galleries, and webforms, become the website functions. The more functionality you need, the more expensive it is.

Almost every feature you can imagine is almost certainly already available as a free plugin or module for just an open-source content management system (CMS) like WordPress or Drupal.

They can be integrated into your website but will require configuration and customization. Functionality can affect the cost of website development, and therefore, it is better to predetermine this aspect before beginning the web development project.


We've discussed the expenses of creating a website, from utilizing a website builder to paying a professional designer to do it for you. Hopefully, you now understand which technique is the greatest fit for you and your budget.

Bear in mind that determining the cost of a website is not final. It's also about the additional resources you possess, such as time, technological expertise, and design abilities. While you can acquire new talents with plenty of time and a big budget, you may outsource the job to a professional if you're pushed for time or have a limited budget.

Consider whatever you want from your site, how much energy and cash you can realistically invest in it to find how much it costs to create a website and whether you can manage it daily.

These considerations will all help you make the most of your money in the long term. Although each site has its own set of expenses, here is a summary of our estimates to assist you in selecting the best choice for you.

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