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How Long Does it Take to Build a Website in 2023?


You might be wondering how long it takes to build a website for your business. Building a website from scratch is not an easy task unless you have the right team and technology in place.

If you're planning a serious project with a genuine budget, you may be looking at a month-long timeframe.

That's typical, but depending on your needs, you may be able to have a great website up and running much faster.

Last year, more than 2.14 billion individuals bought products and services online worldwide. This statistic reveals a straightforward conclusion — you need an online presence for your brand to prosper, starting with a website.

If you hire a professional web development agency to develop your website, the process will go through many stages. The answer to how long it takes to make a website depends on the scope of your project. The web development timeline goes through exploration, design, development, and website enhancements.

Many clients ask us how many hours it takes to create a website, but they seem overwhelmed when we provide them with the ballpark hours.

However, we explain why creating a website from scratch takes so long, our clients realise it's time well spent, and the result will be a high-quality, fully working website that is impossible to achieve in a few weeks.

In terms of design and development, here is an estimate of how long it takes to build a website. The scope of your project will also help us calculate how many hours it will take to build a website.

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Timeline of the Usual Website Building Process

Here is an estimate of how long it takes to build a website from start to finish in terms of design and development:

Website Type Development Hours Design Hours
Landing Page 35-40 35-40
Corporate Website 75-80 60-65
Simple Website 400-450 120-150
Average Site 750-800 150-200
Complex Website 1000+ 250+

There are various steps to building a website. The average time to create a simple website would be around 250 to 300 hours. The time invested in each stage is proportional to the objectives and complexity of the level.

For instance, if you are looking to develop a complex site instead of a simple website, this would take more than 1,500 hours to create a website.

Now, let's look at each stage and estimate how long it will take to build a website

This image shows how much time it takes to build a Website on different stages of the development process.

Explore and Strategise = 80+ Hours

The first stage in a web development project timeline helps us go through the groundwork for the project's success.

Here, designers and developers learn as much as possible about the client's objectives, goals, and target audience.

At this point, a project team may predict the time fairly precisely based on the following conditions:

  • A requirements list will be made up of Prioritised Requirement List (PRL)
  • Wireframes at a high level that accurately reflects the final design and flow
  • The prerequisites for performance are mentioned
  • The MVP's scope (along with its milestones and dates) is established.

Typically, project managers would begin by researching and reviewing project requirements, getting technical specifications, and creating UI drawings.

As a client, you will have to complete briefs and respond to questions about their vision and goals, important design aspects and preferences, the company's value proposition, the selling process, etc.

Details can be resolved over the phone or by video conferencing.

The team normally creates a site map to determine the general content layout. The team also decides on the essential technology and creates wireframes once you accept it.

Typically, two rounds of project specification reviews and main page wireframes are necessary.

Note that communication will be quite strong during this phase. Several calls will be made to explain specifics and decide on the next measures. The product owner's responsiveness and active engagement are critical for the team to function smoothly with a clear product vision. It will determine how flawless the project's flow is overall.

Research and Execution = 100+ Hours

The first step in creating a website is choosing a developer and getting started. The answer to how many hours to develop a website depends on the research it takes to match your requirements, design, and also the number of developers involved.

Also, multiple management levels may be engaged in deciding if you own or manage a larger organisation, which might lengthen this step by several weeks, thereby increasing the average time to create a website.

Key concerns are the same in both cases — you're searching for a web development business with a track record of providing projects on time and on a budget that fits your brand's style and ethos.

This second factor is significantly more subjective as a higher budget would mean onboarding more developers who can bring down the average time to build a website.

Therefore it's worth comparing many web development companies to determine which one best fits your brand's vision.

Working on the Website Designing = 120+ Hours

It's time to get started on the design of your website once you've created a strategy and a roadmap strategy. The designers can show you prototypes of how your website may look and thereby help you navigate the average hours to design a website. The average hours to design a website would normally be around 100 hours.

Creating a website is a hassle only if you are unknown to the timeline.

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You can consider mockups as a supercharged version of drawings providing a pictorial overview of your website based on your specifications.

At this stage, you can provide input and make changes to some designs that suit your branding needs. These changes should not cause the project to fall behind schedule because development has not yet begun.

If you find yourself in such dire situations, request comprehensive mockups of every page you want on your website. Remember, any feedback that moves the work back and forth will increase the average hours to design a website.

In most cases, website designers can incorporate your feedback and change graphics as well. You want to see what parts each page will have, how they'll be laid out, and how it looks on mobile devices.

This is where your website will begin to take shape, and it might take anywhere from one to three weeks to complete. As a result, it's critical to stay involved in the process and be proactive in asking questions and proposing modifications.

Web Development Phase (Involves Coding) = 350+ Hours

Your question of how many hours to develop a website can be answered better at this phase. Here is the point where all the magic happens since developers engage in core coding.

Our web development team will take the data you've provided and transform it into a fully functional website that matches the earlier mockup.

This step takes a long time as coding the website may cause developers to face plenty of challenges. It is best to oversee this part and provide developers with the necessary feedback while staying agile.

We've found that creating a small business website takes at least 250+ hours on average, while ecommerce website development takes 300+ hours and for a simple landing page it takes 35 hours.

Moreover, experienced developers will always keep you posted regarding the updates. At Intelivita, we try to reduce the average time to build a website from scratch by organising scrums at crucial coding phases.

This image shows the estimated average hours to build a simple landing page, a business website and an eCommerce website.

Beta Testing and Rectification = 50+ Hours

A testing phase is required before introducing the entire and completely working product. The answer to how many hours to develop a website also depends on the faults and bugs discovered in this phase.

The quality analysts and testers need to ensure that the finished product adheres to the authorised designs and specifications. They go through the code coupled with a series of tests, thereby stretching a bit of the web development project timeline.

The simplest to spot are typos, slow-loading pages, and non-loading parts. Beta users, developers, and even you can share comments on any design, functionality, or content changes.

On the other hand, the QA team tests the site's functionality across various web browsers, devices, and screen sizes and does any necessary search engine optimisation. Before releasing the website, it must get final clearance from all project participants.

Depending on the errors and changes, this step might take 8 to 10 hours. Once a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) is up and running, you can make the website live to check for any concerns.

Official Website Launch = 10+ Hours

Lastly, the average hours to design and publish the website would depend on when your website is launch-ready. You will open the website to the general public after the beta testing conditions have been satisfied.

This task won't take much time unless the site is sophisticated, incorporating many apps and components.

If the location requires tweaking and updates after launch, communicate the same to developers who can fine-tune some aspects.

How Many Hours Does It Take To Develop a Website From Scratch?

Culminating the stages mentioned above will take us roughly 300+ average hours to plan, design, and create a website from scratch.

Website Phase Number of Hours
Defining Scope and Strategising 80
Research and Execution 100
Website Design (UI/UX) 120
Website Development (Coding) 350
Beta Testing and Feedback Implementation 50
Official Launch 10
TOTAL 710 Hours

Remember, more customisation will increase the cost to build a website and thereby taking more time as well. Therefore, if you are looking for a cost-effective and faster approach to building a website from scratch, go for WordPress development.

You must also factor in the customisation part in the web development project timeline. Including some components prolong the build-out time since they demand more concentrated, distinct attention from a developer coupled with focused QA needs.

The scope of a customer project will consider this for experienced developers, project managers, and companies creating websites.

But, as a business owner, it might be tough to realise how few features add up to the average hours to design a website.

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Factors That Influence Average Time to Create a Website

Where do you start when creating a website? Every time we meet a new customer, they ask us this question. The solution to that question is everything but simple.

Web development projects may be affected by several elements, but these seven are among the most significant.

  • Developers’ Skills: The skillset of the development team is critical. The more experienced a developer is, the more quickly and reliably they can handle complicated features, and they'll also be speedier at doing simple chores.

  • Project Scope: The scope is important as some websites need complicated features that take weeks to develop and implement. Others depend on a simple formula that can be easily understood and repeated.

  • Project Scale: To begin, consider the project's scale along with the scope. Building and maintaining a website with 1,000 pages will take far longer than doing it with just 100.

  • Schedule of Development: An overworked development team may not have the time to devote entirely to a new project. It all depends on their current workloads.

  • Scope Creep: If the project's scope expands to include additional functions and features that were not originally planned, the completion date may be pushed back substantially.

  • Client Inputs: If the project's scope expands to include additional functions and features that were not originally planned, the completion date may be pushed back substantially.

  • Project Management: Remember, an experienced project manager must be able to anticipate and respond to issues before they arise. Any project may have unanticipated delays and complications, but an experienced project manager can always keep things on schedule.

Summary of Web Development Project Timeline

Creating a website from scratch would normally take at least 15 weeks to a maximum of 20 weeks from start to finish.

Initially, the time frame comprises 2-3 weeks for defining and creating the project scope, around 4-6 weeks with 80+ average hours to design a website. Later, you can have 6-8 weeks to code a website that includes client feedback.

When you work with us, you get a calendar of when we'll have deliverables ready for review and when we'll need your comments to keep on track.

At Intelivita, we make you a part of the website development project and incorporate the feedback you have at each phase. If you spot any deviations, let us know as soon as possible so our developers can work on them.

The time estimate above excludes the time you spend choosing your WordPress developer and any possible delays caused by their availability. For instance, finding the right website development company may take 1-2 months.

It is important to check their previous work, read testimonials, and speak with their project managers before hiring. Therefore, the average time to develop a website varies from project to project based on the clients' requirements.

Even websites that appear easy at first sight might take a long time to develop. Most websites nowadays have a lot of complex functionality, which implies that more effort is spent constructing them. You must also think about how long it will take to create and build your website, but well, the timeline mentioned above can only do justice if everything goes smoothly.

We hope you now have a rough idea of how long it takes to make a website. If you require creating a site quickly, you may contact our team and discuss your website project.

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