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Augmented Reality App Development London

With its roots in the UK and a global client base, Intelivita has commendably made its space as leading Augmented Reality app development company.

At Intelivita, we have a team of expert Augmented Reality app developers which has years of proven expertise in building best-in-industry custom android augmented reality apps, iOS- iPad/iPhone AR apps and wearable devices offering robust backend and highly friendly user interface to attract and engage your target audience and reach your set goals. The team thrives to build innovative solutions for industries from various niches.

AR mobile applications built by us work flawlessly with devices like AR headsets, smart tv, smart glasses, smart lenses, tablets, smartphones and other augmented reality compatible devices. This eventually lets you reach a larger audience.

With our presence in the UK and across Europe, the team Intelivita has inevitably established its name as one of the highly advanced AR app development company. The proficiency and ‘out-of-the-box’ approach has indeed helped us to build custom augmented reality app solutions for our global customers.

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Reality Visions for Your Business

Our Feet in Augmented Reality App Development Services

Our skills in developing stunning, immersive AR experiences across AR supporting devices have won the favor of our clientele coming from diverse markets and industries.

AR Apps for
Smartphones & Tablets

We leverage built-in capabilities of mobile devices like camera, GPS, Bluetooth, connectivity, and other features & functionality to support AR application development for your brands and business to touch new highs that ultimately help you to hit your business goals. We carry AR app development in native platform tools and Unity.


Augmented Reality is a buzz in the market, but it is not for everyone and not every company has equal capacities to meet your bespoke requirements. In due course, the right consultant can lead you to the right decision and the right team to get the best out of the present market. Do you think our AR consulting services can add value?

AR Cardboard

Today Google Cardboard is one of the cheapest AR and VR viewer for the apps in mobile devices. Our expertise to provide the excellence in the AR app development that uses Cardboard viewer. Do your industry and targeted audience favor AR cardboard apps?

AR Apps
for Desktop

Using webcam and AR-media plugin, we can simulate AR experiences on desktops like large, powerful, and static devices. We have delivered educational, entertainment, and several gaming apps powered by AR technologies. Do you look for AR applications for your desktops or laptops based customers or users?

Game Apps

Our AR games allow gamers to interact with virtual characters and objects laid on real-world objects or scenario and participate in real-time to have immersive experiences as Pokémon Go has provided. It makes AR games addictive, engaging, and more entertaining to boost download and in-app purchases.

AR Support
& Maintenance

We have allocated some AR experts for your AR applications to provide you quick and quality support round-the-clock address your queries and issues in real-time. Our AR maintenance team is fixing bugs, crashes, and errors on a regular basis to keep your AR apps running smoothly and high performing. Our updates and upgrade services are unbeatable in industry.

Sets of Features

Our Domain Expertise for AR App Development

We have provided rich, captivating, and immersive Augmented Reality apps for a diverse range of domains by addressing their bespoken needs and unique target audience using various devices.

Augmented Reality Developers London
Healthcare AR App

Our AR apps can help medical students to obtain interactive and real-time updated training, doctors to carry complex operations within the guided environment, physicians to make quick diagnose, and nurses to provide on-time and rapid assistance to patients and doctors.

Augmented Reality Mobile App Development
Educational AR App

Our educational AR apps help educational institutions to help in classrooms, make the abstract and difficult concept easy, improve engagement and interaction of students, discover & learn, and creating object models for training and learning processes.

Augmented Reality Development Companies
Real Estate AR App

Our real estate AR apps help buyers to find properties innovatively and explore the interior of a building with real-time guidance. We help sellers to add a new dimension to their marketing collaterals and make effective sales pitches with presentations.

Augmented Reality Development Company
Advertisement AR App

Our ads AR apps enable the business to create emotional connections with the audience, boost sales, provide advanced hyper-local ads, and bring location-based results to make it effective. Therefore, business sees a high return on ads making and distribution.

Rugmented Reality Application Development
Travel & Tourism AR App

Our travel & tourism AR apps provide the industry the real value by giving real-time directions to the travelers or tourists walking or driving. We help the industry to develop apps for the evolution of landmarks and monuments. Our interactive city guide and tours save users from several disappointing experiences.

Hire Augmented Reality App Developer UK
Game AR App

Our AR games will change the way gamers play games and interact with it. Just like Pokémon Go, we bake innovative game concepts using our AR game development skills and experiences to let you hit the game market with the highest download and revenues for long-term.

AR App Development Company
Ecommerce & Retail Business AR App

Our ecommerce and retail in-shop AR applications let customers try products before they buy. Our AR apps provide shoppers opportunities to check different options and variations of the product without even touching it. Thus, our AR app development can change scenario of your entire business.

Best Augmented Reality Companies
Entertainment AR App

Our contributions to entertainment industry though AR app development is immense by providing AR TV & Movie apps, theme park rides apps, and for music industry too. We provide an opportunity to the entertainment industry to entertain its users in unique and innovative ways.

Why Choose Us

Traits That Make Intelivita Your Best Augmented Reality App Development Partner

With its team of highly experienced Augmented Reality app developers, Intelivita has made its name in the list of top AR app development companies in UK. Having said this, there are certain characteristics which we have set as norms to ensure best AR mobile app development services to our clients.

  • Our AR Tech Proficiencies

    Once you hire AR developers at Intelivita, you don’t have to be concerned about 3D modeling, rigging and animation, SLAM tracking, marker-less and marker-based tracking, and many other creative aspects.

  • Enhance your Brand Value

    We ensure building AR mobile app development solutions that help you attract and engage your target audience. With more exposure, you can surpass your competitors and build a better brand value.

  • Cost Efficient

    We understand the role funds play when it’s about your entrepreneurial journey. To assist you in the best possible ways, we thrive to build highly cost-effective solutions for your business. As they say, a penny saved is a penny earned.

  • Multiple Device Compatibility

    Our augmented reality mobile apps perform flawlessly on a range of devices. Whether it’s an iOS, Android, head-mounted device or a wearable, the AR mobile app developers at Intelivita will serve your best experience with each of them.

Our Work

Our Top Augmented Reality App Development Work

The augmented reality is rapidly adopted by the various business across domains and the demand for augmented reality application development has grown immensely. Check some of the top AR apps developed by team Intelivita.

Microsoft: Art of Works

A 360-degree virtual reality application developed to demonstrate how business across the UK are benefiting from the collaboration of world-class technologies like SAP and Microsoft Azure. An entirely immersive and intelligent cloud experience empowering the digital transformation of business customers.

AwayBack: Discover Personal Memories

A location-based augmented reality social application for creating, storing, sharing and rediscovering memories. The application is developed for both android and ios devices using Vuforia Augmented Reality SDK. The created memories can be videos or images, which can be only be viewed in the augmented formate were it was made and stored for years.

Tideway: Thames Tideway Tunnel Project

Augmented Reality App developed for the teachers, students and the wider community who wants to learn about the Thames Tideway Tunnel project. This AR app helps you understand what's happening beneath London as the tunnel is being built.

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