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Ideal Software Development Process at Intelivita

Here at Intelivita, we face various kinds of clients who come with different sets of requirements, time-to-market, and budgets.

To meet the diverse needs of software development, we have crafted a common path as our ideal development process. Our process is set to ensure a common and logical development cycle is performed but has the flexibility to adapt to the ever changing demands of our Clients.

This allows our developers to perform lean, and rapid application development whilst maintaining the highest quality, whilst keeping the project on track to hit the timeline and budgetary constraints.

Ideal Software Development Life Cycle Phases

Our Process Fosters Quality Assurance

Our transparent workflow is lean at the core and organised with synergy. Our trusted clients love coming back to us as our reliability and quality assurance is second to none.


Requirement Analysis

Without knowing the business needs, how can we develop a software that can add value? We gather essential info by answering following vital questions, such as

Who are the users of the software?

How will they use it?

What data needs to be inputted and what would be the outputs?


Documentation & Wireframe

Based on those questions, we prepare a specification document to offer a guide to serve throughout the project.

Based on the requirement analysis, we begin preparing wireframe options to visualise the rough architecture, workflow, and navigation aspects of the software using the latest automatic and interactive wireframe development tools.


Fixing Milestone

Your project will be split across several milestones depending on the size and complexity, with a percentage of the fixed cost and an estimated completion date agreed.

Each milestone will require your approval as the project progresses to ensure we are meeting your expectations and to ensure the project is completed as you expected.



Software design, be it web or a mobile app development requires prototyping prior to launching into the final design.

We use the latest prototype development tools available in the market to provide the best simulations & dynamism to offer real-life like interactions.

Thus, we leave the least ambiguity in final design & speed up the process.



We work on the final static design and turn it into a live, interactive, and dynamic website or mobile applications.

We use the latest standard coding practices like creating clean, compact, and comprehensive code documents to make coding futuristic, optimised, and cost-effective.

Programming is a bit long and iterative process & demands a lot of interactions.



We implement testing based on the development methodologies we have applied.

We have the latest testing/QA infrastructural facilities and proficiency on various testing methods such as functional testing and non-functional testing.

During testing our prime motto is to eliminate bugs, errors, crashes, and user experience inhibitory processes. Thus, our testing assures high quality of throughputs.



Deployment of software for public or targeted audience usage differs for types of software, and we have adequate experiences and expertise.

We are accustomed to website or web application hosting and publishing process. Similarly, our expertise on Apple store for iOS apps and Play Store for Android apps is applauded by our clients in the past.

We follow mobile marketplace guidelines like design, programming, and testing to earn quick approval.


Support Maintenance

Our software development lifecycle is not ending with the deployment of functional projects, it is maintenance, updates, and upgrades are essential phases to keep running software for longer.

Therefore, we offer comprehensive, yet cost-effective maintenance packages prove an excellent choice for our loyal clients.

Our 24x7/365 support team is ready to attend your query at any moment with a global access system.

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