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How to Choose a Web Development Team for Your Project?


Starting a website can open new possibilities for businesses. An online presence can unlock the doors to reaching newer markets, develop a loyal client base and attract consumers at a lower price.

However, creating a website isn't simple as a lot depends on hiring a website development team.

Very frequently, you need to invest a great deal of time to develop a website development team structure that can take care of its design, usability, and maintenance. When hiring web developers for your next project, you need to know the basic rules for selecting a web development company.

The goal is to onboard a team of expert web developers who can help you display your goods or services on the website while drawing customers to your brand.

Given the importance of a website, you should hire a dedicated team of developers. This means you need to choose a reputable website development company to design and construct your website.

Working with professionals, ascertain that your website has a professional appearance and appeal to attract a high number of visitors. A competent web development company will design and build a user-friendly, functional, and optimized website capable of attracting and retaining visitors and prompting them to buy your goods or services.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Team of Web Developers?

There are a variety of reasons why so many businesses opt to hire a dedicated team of developers. Typically, it is due to the advantages associated with this approach.

The following are some benefits that you, too, may enjoy if you opt to create a dedicated team rather than establish an in-house staff.

  • Better Control over Web Development Project
  • On-Time Delivery
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Designed to Fit your Business Needs
  • Experts at your Service
  • Higher Project Flexibility

Why Does Your Business Need a Website Development Team?

  • Get a dedicated staff working on your website project as they provide 100% of their attention to your site development.
  • When you employ remote web developers to work as part of your committed team, you receive their undivided attention and full control over their productivity.
  • You control the developers' duties, monitoring their progress and comparing it to the plan.
  • You won't have to worry about the team's other obligations or distractions from other projects since the website development team will work exclusively for you.
  • You maintain full control over the level of participation required of the remote staff.
  • You may assemble a team that is tailored to your project's requirements. Additionally, you have the flexibility to scale the specialized remote staff up or down as needed.
  • When employing a remote web development team, there is little to no training required. Most website developers employed by offshore web development firms have prior experience working on multiple projects.

Things to Consider While Hiring a Web Development Team

Determine the budget for your web design and development project. A lot will depend on the web UI/UX design company and how they can create a difference with their service. Once you've established your budget, contact several web development companies to inquire about their rates and discover their design plans.

In this manner, you'll be able to find several businesses that price inside your budget.

It is unavoidable that obtaining quotes from several web development firms may be time-consuming. Additionally, there is something to notice. You may tend to undercut web development firms with cheaper pricing. This is a mistake, and you should avoid it.

Quality suffers when you go for a lower price. On the other hand, customers are attracted to numerous excellent web development teams that offer competitive rates.

When consulting a web development company, it is generally preferred that you call them to let them know your needs so they can provide you with a quote. They like to remain silent on what they expect to charge until you reveal what you want them to design and build.

You also have a choice between two distinct types of pricing models: hourly or flat rates, depending on your job. When you have web developers to hire for your next project, the following aspects need to be considered.

1. Developers Experience

Your future web design and development company's experience plays a significant role in determining its competence. Therefore, research the web development company's previous experiences before selecting it to provide its services.

Determine the degree of expertise of the website development team that you are considering. It will assist you in determining if it is worthwhile to outsource the job of designing and building your website. Additionally, check for client comments, which can assist you in selecting the legitimacy.

2. Profile and Portfolio Analysis

A reputable web design and development firm should employ highly skilled web developers. Therefore, you need first to identify the web development team structure and evaluate the developer profiles creating the website.

Inquire about who would be accountable for building your website with the firm. Multiple individuals might be held responsible for the website development. Examining their profiles enables you to ascertain their degrees of competence.

3. Assigning Roles and Responsibilities of Web Development Project

Clarity is critical for performing any activity. And when you're working with remote teams, it's crucial to establish clear expectations from the start. You must be crystal clear about the duties and responsibilities of each team member.

They should be informed upfront about any unique project requirements, limitations on your end, and requirements for the web project.

4. Maintain Single Point of Contact

Miscommunication, unspoken assumptions, and omitted messages may be the primary causes for the failure of so many outsourcing initiatives. This disadvantage, however, may be overcome by keeping a single point of contact in a website development team. This implies that you have a single point of contact for your project needs, whether the SCRUM master, the project manager or the accounts manager. They manage the staff and ensure that they complete everything.

Additionally, you get valuable management experience by hiring a manager for your project who will resolve the bulk of your team's problems.

5. Set Clear Communication Channels for project management

Next, it's essential to identify appropriate ways to communicate. Communication is seen to be the greatest difficulty while working with a team in another location. One may, however, easily prevent any misunderstanding with proper communication and good working equipment.

You may also choose which project management, collaboration, and general communication channels to utilize. based on our observations.

Where To Find the Dedicated Team?

When it comes to assembling a software team, the first consideration for most businesses is where to locate the team.

Many consider establishing an in-house team through their human resources department or hiring a whole group of software engineers, project managers, designers, and others via freelancing sites. There are, however, a variety of channels via which you may identify the appropriate talent.

Offshore Web Development Companies

When assembling a specialized web development team, the simplest and most time-efficient method is to partner with an offshore web design firm. There are many directories, such as Clutch, GoodFirms, and TheManifest, where you may search for such businesses.

Apart from that, you may search for the "best web development company near me" to get a list of businesses offering a website development team.

These companies offer in-house development teams and an IT team to handle all your web development requirements. You may employ developers, architects, quality engineers, project managers, technicians, and technology specialists to form your team or supplement your in-house resources.

Looking to build your digital presence but not sure about the technology and the platform?

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Freelance Platforms

There are several freelancing sites from which one may recruit developers to create their specialized team. This, however, may be time-consuming. When you contact a business about your dedicated team needs, they will provide you with selected developers. It would help if you searched for each team member individually, which increases both time and recruiting expenses.

However, if you're seeking technical assistance or one or two technical expertise, you may always turn to freelancing job portals such as Upwork, Freelancer, or PeoplePerHour.

What is In-house Web Development?

An in-house website development team is one where the business employs a group of individuals or workers. They were tasked with the responsibility of developing and maintaining the company's website.

Cost of In-house development process

Hiring an in-house website development team is an expensive procedure in and of itself. Because a single individual cannot complete the job, you must assemble a team. A more competent IT expert may command a respectable annual fee.

Glassdoor reports the average pay as follows for key positions:



Data Scientist




Project Manager


Android Developer


iOS Developer


Back-End Developer


When those sums are added together, approximately £474,200 each year to sustain their income. However, you can pay someone to do the two-person tasks concurrently. However, in that scenario, your annual salary expense would likewise be about £300,000.

This money will be used only for wages, excluding expenses for office space, an accountant, and a personnel manager.

Risk of In-house Web Development Process

When you hire a dedicated team of developers in-house, you are unsure of whether the person's growing skill set will meet your criteria or not. Although professional abilities are critical in web development, maintaining a website requires more effort than creating one.

Nowadays, success in an emerging business requires the combined skill set and resources of many IT experts.

The following are some resources that are necessary for a developing business:

  • Project Manager
  • ASO expert
  • Front-end team for web page maintenance and back-end developers for server maintenance
  • Data Scientist
  • Business Analyst to build the business
  • iOS and Android developers to access both the platforms
  • App Marketing expert

Outsourcing the Web Development Project

Hire a dedicated team of web developers where a business contracts another information technology firm to build and manage its website. These IT firms use a team of highly skilled IT experts to work on your tasks.

What is the cost of outsourcing web development projects in the UK?

Trusting an unknown IT firm and signing a deal with them is a daunting procedure in and of itself. Though the fee is less than the cost of in-house web development, it is still significant. Despite your substantial expenditure, there is always a chance of receiving a substandard product without an expert website development team.

Numerous IT firms will make grandiose promises throughout the contract but provide less than satisfactory outcomes. While a reputable company may be more expensive, they will ensure that you get the finest work possible. That's because these businesses employ the best IT experts who possess a broader skillset and a deeper understanding of the product.

Typically, these businesses bill on an hourly basis based on the web development team structure. Each business has its own set of pricing. The project's overall cost is determined by the kind of IT experts required, the project's complexity, security, and timing constraints.

The typical hourly rate for these projects has been seen to range between £100 and £250. The charges also vary according to the kind of business, which is as follows:

  • Large, reputable web app development companies may charge you between £250,000 and £100,000 to carry out your project.
  • Hiring a web development team from a medium-sized business may cost you between £150,000 and £450,000 to construct your project.
  • Smaller firms may charge between £50,000 and £150,000 to carry out your web development project successfully.

Without a doubt, as your product's value rises, the quality of your product will improve as well as they want to preserve their market reputation.

Many small and medium businesses are leveraging platforms to improve their business in a post-covid world. Are you ready for the change?

Speak to us and get started with the website development to stay ahead in the competition.

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Advantages of Outsourcing Web Development

The primary benefit of outsourcing web development to an IT firm is saving time and money by eliminating the need to hire people. A reputable IT company will offer you IT experts that have a broader skill set.

You won't need to hire separate people for each task since they'll be equipped with everything. You just pay the business and let them do the hard lifting and risk associated with the job.

A more capable IT company will complete the project on schedule and with the least amount of risk. This so that they'll guarantee your needs first, before taking on the danger. After assessing the risks, they will assign the ideal person to ensure that your project runs well even though you will not get complete information about the project's development. They will keep you informed and ensure that your criteria are fulfilled before the product's debut.

Cost of Web Development in the UK

Typically, web companies charge based on the amount of time required to plan, design, and construct the website — they are effectively selling their time. As a result, pricing will be determined on an hourly or daily basis. Depending on the kind of business you contact, the hourly rate would be determined by their overhead costs.

The following are a few examples of estimated hourly rates:

  • Offshore web company: £10 – £25
  • Cheap labour, lower cost of living
  • Freelance web designer: £25 – £50
  • Low overheads, no commercial office
  • Small web agency: £50 – £75
  • Commercial premises, wage bill to cover
  • Large web agency: £75 – £150

Premium commercial premises, a high number of highly skilled staff means a large wage bill

Deciding on the business you want to deal with will rely heavily on your project needs and how much assistance and expertise you need. Over the long run, companies that hire a dedicated team of developers have additional talents available for you to use resources for custom designing.

If you want to engage an agency to create a custom-made website that matches your needs, here is an estimate of how long a web agency will take and how much it will cost:




Strategizing Web Development

6 – 8 hours

£200 – £400

Web App Development Design

10 – 12 hours

£500 – £600


6 – 8 hours

£200 – £400


12 – 36 hours

£600 – £1,800

Project Handover

2 – 4 hours

£100 – £200

Content Support

12 – 16hours

£400 – £800

Testing and Launch

4 – 8 hours

£200 – £400

Total example: £2,000 – £4,500.

Choosing to hire a dedicated team of web developers in the UK would cost you £100 per hour on an average with a total cost of £4,000 – £9,200. But you will be benefiting from a bigger team, with specialist staff for each service.

FAQs about Web Development

Are your websites one-of-a-kind? Are you a template user?

Yes, everything we create is highly customized to design changes to fit your business needs. We are completely bespoke, from the design to the administrative section, where you may maintain the website yourself.

How much money does it cost to build a website?

Our typical websites take between 90 and 120 days to complete. Our eCommerce website development company in the UK offers a turnaround time of 160 days to set up an online store.

This timeframe will vary according to the project's scope, which depends on the expertise of our website development team.

What if my web application needs maintenance services?

After deployment, all software applications need support. Thus, you must include in your agreement the conditions and fees for further project assistance. You'll always have someone at your side to assist you with minor problems.

Outsourcing methods can aid you in achieving your company objectives. Correctly implement them, and you will save time. As soon as feasible, outsource web development tasks to save money.

What if I need post-deployment assistance?

At Intelivita, we provide Life-long support. You will be able to edit, alter, and add content to your website through the content management system (CMS) that we will develop for you. However, you will have direct access to our developers for any queries you may have.

We help by connecting to your computers and teach/assist you with your questions or changes to the website. Additionally, we provide you with limitless training in our administrative area.

Bottom line: Build Your Dedicated Web Development Team Now

Investing in a specialized development team may help any business save money and time while producing higher-quality code. To build your project, you employ an offshore team of developers, programmers, architects, quality analysts, business intelligence specialists, and project managers.

Making a quick decision depending on the requirements of the web development team structure is not a good idea. Instead, identify the issues discussed in this article in advance. Bear in mind that developing a website that is tailored to your specific requirements is difficult.

Hire a dedicated team of developers who will be available for future improvements. Additionally, if they possess a broader range of digital skills — for example, custom software creation – the better.

To summarize, the success of your web application is contingent not just on the developer's skill but also on your connection with them. Conduct research and solicit personal referrals to identify potential individuals, and then make your selection based on their enthusiasm in brief.

Most importantly, if you cannot immediately contact or establish a working connection with a developer, strike them off the list.

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