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How to Find the Best Outsourcing Web Development Solutions in the UK?

Are you looking for an outsourcing partner to develop a website?

But, don’t know where to start?

Here, we have created a comprehensive guide on outsourcing web development.

In this guide, we'll take a deep dive into the world of outsourcing web development in the UK.

  • What are the benefits of outsourcing?
  • How to outsource your projects?
  • How to find the right outsourcing solutions?

So, without wasting much time let’s get started!

Benefits of Outsourcing Web Development

Here are some benefits to consider before choosing outsourced web development:

benefits of outsourced web development

1. Better access to skilled professionals (Access to Expertise)

The website has multiple front and back components. Developing a highly scalable website requires experienced professionals. If you ask any CTO, the most significant challenge they face will be finding the right talent.

The Digital Leadership Report indicates that 68% of digital leaders in the UK believe that a lack of skills is a significant blocker. Further, the same report also shows that 57% of companies will never have access to skilled technical staff.

Outsourcing web development helps ensure access to experienced professionals without spending a fortune. For example, outsourcing makes more sense if you are looking to use two different frameworks for the front and back end of the website.

So, using NodeJS at the backend and React at the front end, you will have to hire two developers in-house. On the contrary, outsourcing reduces the need for hiring in-house website developers.

If you want to migrate to cloud-native environments at any point of the web development lifecycle, outsourcing reduces the need for skilled talents for such migrations.

2. Optimized development costs (Cost-effective Solution)

Outsourcing web development allows businesses to minimize recruitment expenses, insurance, incentives, and CTC on each talent hired. However, you must consider different engagement models to outsource web app creation.

For example, you can outsource using a time and material engagement model, which allows optimization of development costs. An outsourcing company offers end-to-end time and material resources as per requirement. In other words, you only pay developers hourly and for resources spent.

3. Enhanced integrations

In a competitive market, timing is everything. So, timing your integrations becomes essential if you integrate Machine Learning algorithms, Natural Language Programming, or Augmented Reality. For example, the current trend of ChatGPT and its interactive features can mean massive traffic for your website.

Integrations on such an enormous scale catering to millions of users require skilled professionals. Hiring skilled talent can prove costly, but outsourcing your web development helps reduce such costs. Many outsourcing companies provide end-to-end services with enhanced integrations.

4. Higher business focus (Access to Expertise)

The web development process needs more increased efforts and attention to fine details, which may restrict the organization’s ability to focus on core services. Outsourcing the development allows you to spend enough time developing core services, building a reliable business model, and creating customized logic.

Despite all the benefits it provides, outsourcing is not a plug-and-play approach. You need to consider numerous factors like the tech stack, engagement models, type of software outsourcing, etc.

For example, if you are a company in the UK, choosing an outsourcing product engineering service from Southeast Asian countries won’t be that simple. You must consider time zones, collaboration hurdles, communication barriers, cost, and quality. This is where understanding the outsourcing models becomes crucial.

5. Higher scalability (Improved Focus on Core Business)

Developing a website begins at the ideation phase and leads to design, development, and deployment. Your website needs varying efforts and maintenance activities as it scales. For example, if you are developing a website, initially, a minimum viable product (MVP) is created, which helps collect feedback and understand the scaling needs.

In other words, as your website grows, you may require more resources and efforts to provide a seamless experience. Apart from the scaling needs, you must also factor in backward compatibility, error handling, and storage requirements.

Outsourcing web development to a company with end-to-end solutions ensures that you have access to talents and resources as per scaling needs. It also ensures that you are spending less on the pivot or migration of the site to the cloud.

How to Outsource Web Development in the UK?

Outsourcing web development is a decision that requires consideration at different levels, such as financial levels, technical expertise, and the need for scaling. So, if you are considering outsourcing web development for your projects, here is a quick five-step process to follow,

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Step #1. Begin with a goal in mind!

Determining your outsourcing goals is critical to optimal ROI- WHY? Its simple, aimless efforts and resources do not yield results. So, you need to define the business outcomes expected from outsourcing web development.

Here are some tips for defining outsourcing goals,

  • Assess why you need outsourcing.
  • Analyse the financial investment behind outsourcing
  • Make sure all the stakeholders are on board with the idea of outsourcing
  • Ensure business goals and outsourcing goals align
  • Define critical metrics that you can measure for outsourcing ROI

Business decisions need data for analysis and assessment of project feasibility. However, you may not want to avoid risking the project by outsourcing and checking whether the ROI is what you expected.

So, the best way is to start small and adopt a continuous improvement approach.

Step #2. Minimum Viable Outsourcing

You may have heard of the minimum viable product(MVP), which is a shippable form of your website. It enables you to test, aggregate feedback, and make changes to improve user experience with each iteration.

Similarly, you can use the same approach with outsourcing. Once you have outsourcing goals and metrics defined, search for an outsourcing vendor. After the selection, ask the vendor to develop an MVP or a small website module.

Test your MVP website and monitor performance based on pre-defined metrics. You can go full-fledged with the outsourcing project if it delivers desired results.

However, this approach needs scrutiny based on the organization's goals and budget. For example, if you need faster time-to-market, this approach provides you with a shippable website. At the same time, if you are looking to launch your website in one go.

Step #3. Establish enhanced collaborations

Communications are one of the major challenges of outsourcing web development. Many companies choose an overseas vendor, which causes issues with time zones and a lack of communication.

According to Oberlo, communication issues are the second-highest road blocker for outsourcing projects.

The best way to address the communication problem is to choose an outsourcing company that aligns with your time zone.

Further, you can also choose tools for better collaborations like

  • Slack to improve communications and collaboration
  • Basecamp for enhanced project task management
  • Harvest for better time tracking and billing
  • GitHub and GitLab to manage source code
  • Dropbox to store files and work simultaneously on them

You can find an experienced web development company in the UK that offers quality work and collaborates effectively using the above tools. Proper communication and collaboration are essential to a successful project.

Use the above tips to ensure your web development outsourcing project goes smoothly.

Step #4. Finalize your outsourcing budget.

Once you have decided on the website's goal and selected a web development company, you must finalize your budget. This will help you understand what services are needed and which functions should be included in the project.

Further, it is essential to consider how much time you need at each stage of the web development lifecycle. For example, you must plan the time and effort needed for the design phase. Another critical aspect is the development phase, where you need to know how much a developer costs.

So, if you choose a vendor, you need to ask for the total cost of ownership and outsourcing web development costs.

Total cost must include web design costs, resources, developer’s fees, product development, and more. You need to have a cost strategy from the planning to the graphic design website development stage. One significant aspect is the developer’s salary.

Here is what developers charge across countries when you outsource web development.

Country Web Developer’s Annual Salary
United States £65,161
United Kingdom £45,702
Germany £36,280
Australia £81,038
Spain £19,452

Step #5. Build a roadmap, plan, execute, and monitor

Once you have selected the best vendor, you need a roadmap to implement the entire project. It will help you visualize different phases of web development, resource requirements, and where outsourcing will impact.

Why is this so important?

It enables you to understand

  • What is your role once you outsource website development?
  • What will you gain from outsourcing web development?
  • What are the critical touchpoints of each phase that you need to monitor?

Once the roadmap is ready, it’s time to develop your website. You can either outsource web development in a phased manner or find a web development company in the UK that offers an end-to-end solution.

One of the critical aspects that you need to take care of while outsourcing web development is finding the right vendor.

An outsourcing service provider who can offer customized solutions and have a talent pool with experience working on different programming languages like:

  • Javascript
  • ASP.Net
  • Node.Js
  • React
  • Angular.

Checklist to find the right outsourced web development partner in the UK

Finding the right outsourcing service provider can be a daunting task, but here is a checklist to follow for your business.

1. Experience and Portfolio

Finding an experienced outsourcing partner requires a detailed analysis of their work. You do not just need a portfolio, but you also need to understand their processes.

Here are some tips to use while you check for vendor’s portfolio and practical experience of executing projects:

  • Check for project completion timelines and success rates
  • Analyze the processes and methodologies used for projects
  • Look for problem-solving capabilities of the outsourcing vendors
  • Analyze what type of customized features outsourced solutions offer
  • Check web design expertise and website traffic their solutions generate.

2. Technical Expertise

Technical expertise is an aspect that helps you understand whether the outsourcing vendor has experience with different technologies or not. One of the critical aspects that you need to check is the process flow.

What type of process the outsourcing vendor follows, and what are the stages-this is information that helps you understand operational excellence?

Cloud migration expertise is also crucial if you want to scale your website. So, you need to check for a cloud-native experience.

Another critical aspect is the integration of innovations. For example, AR/VR is a significant innovation transforming how users interact with apps.

So, if you want to integrate such innovation into the website, check whether outsourcing web development solutions can offer it.

3. Communication and Cultural Fit

Communication is critical to successful outsourced web development, and one way to ensure that is to leverage an engagement model where it becomes easy to communicate. There are three types of outsourcing vendors- nearshore, offshore, and onshore.

Nearshore outsourcing is an approach where you can delegate the web development task to a vendor in neighboring countries. On the contrary, in onshore outsourcing, you delegate to a company or organization in the same region, and offshore outsourcing is all about choosing a vendor outside your country.

You can select vendors based on your time zone to improve communication and collaboration. However, you also need to factor in the cultural aspect. An outsourcing vendor that aligns with your organization’s culture and process flow is crucial for successful web development.

Why is Intelivita the Best Outsourcing Web Development Company in the UK?

Imagine developing a website that acts as a user-facing application providing essential information for your business on the go. New Haven Cafe at Timperly was looking for a similar solution. The cafe wanted an intuitive website that could offer key details of restaurant operations and scale as needed.

Especially the delectable delivery cafe wanted to facilitate an instant search feature for users. This is where Intelivita helped the cafe deliver an enhanced user experience and seamless search.

Our experienced web developers ensured that as the website scaled, it could handle peak loads without affecting performance.

So, if you are looking for a professional and top-notch web development company in the UK to outsource web development, get a free estimation of your project now!

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