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Does Your Mobile App Need a Website? Discover the Benefits Here

If you want your app to be successful, then creating a strong marketing strategy can help get your app the attention it deserves.

However, one area that many people overlook is websites. When launching a new product or service, most businesses have a website on which to showcase it.

So why not do the same for an app?

There is only so much information that you can share on the app store — however, with a website available, you can provide potential users with more in-depth information about your app, including special features and updates.

In many ways, creating a site is just as important as the app’s functionality. Here’s all you need to know about making a website for your app.

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Should You Create a Website to Go Along With Your App?

Websites are great companions to apps. In fact, you’ll find that the majority of successful apps do in fact have a website — there are very few cons to having one (aside from the cost and resource required, of course) but a whole range of benefits. If you want to increase your reach and provide detailed information to new or potential users, a website is a perfect place to do it.

App development varies in cost, but it can be expensive. Having a website (even a basic one) can help you maximise your investment. Users who have just downloaded your app can find helpful user information on the website, whereas potential users can learn more about what to expect from your app — and this might be the gentle push they need to download it.

Overall, partnering with a web development agency to create a website is a great asset to go alongside your app — but of course, that’s only true if the user experience of your website matches that of your app. Both should provide an intuitive interface as well as swift loading speeds and consistent performance, the latter two of which are dependent on choosing the right hosting provider: Bluehost is a popular and affordable option, but a Bluehost alternative such as Cloudways is built for sites with high or rapidly-growing traffic.

What Should You Include On Your Website?

A website for your app is a little different from other websites. For starters, you can probably get away with having just a few pages and a simple design. It’s the content that really matters.

The most important information includes:

  • App name and icon: Don’t miss one of the most important parts of your app — its name! Even if website visitors don’t download the app immediately, if they remember its name and icon they are more likely to download it in the future.

  • Information about what the app does: What is your app all about? Whatever you’re offering, make sure you shout about it on your website. The home page should at least include a small overview of the app’s main features, which you can expand upon if you decide to make a dedicated features page.

  • Compatible devices on which the app is available: Be sure to include information about compatibility. If your app is not available on particular devices such as Android, then this needs to be made clear on your site.

  • A clear call-to-action such as download buttons or information on where to download the app: You also need to include call-to-action buttons that will take website visitors straight to a download screen or provide clear information about where to download the app.

  • Screenshots, videos, or images demonstrating the app’s main features: It’s good to see the app in action by including video snippets or images. Users like to see what’s on the app before downloading, so adding visuals from the app will provide some insight.

  • A FAQ page or troubleshooting steps: There’s nothing worse than downloading an app and not understanding how to use it. You should include hints and tips within the app itself; however, creating a troubleshooting page on your website allows you to go into much more detail. This can avoid users simply deleting your app if they’re having trouble.

5 Benefits Of Creating a Website For Your App?

There are many advantages to having a website for your app, both for you as the app’s creator and its users. There’s only so much you can communicate to people via the app store, so having a website provides you with a better platform for sharing useful guides, information, and updates.

1. Promote your app before it's released

If you want to promote your app before it's released and have people ready and waiting to download it, create a website. Here, you can explain everything that users need to know about the app and this will build up interest in the lead-up to launch day.

You can tell potential users about your app in detail, by collecting email addresses from your website for future email distribution. Or, post demos, screenshots, and other teasers to create excitement around your app so by the time it’s ready you can guarantee a large number of downloads.

2. Explain what your app does in more detail

There are thousands of similar apps on the market, so it’s easy for people to simply scroll past yours. However, those that are interested may give your app a quick search in Google and that’s where you can entice them with a great website.

What does your app do that makes it different from others? What are its cutting-edge features? What are the benefits of downloading it? These are just a few of the considerations that users think about before downloading an app, so use your website to provide the answers they need.

3. Provide support and useful advice for a better experience

Customer support can be very important in retaining your users. How many times have you deleted an app because you’re not sure how to use it? You can avoid losing app users by providing useful advice on your website that will help users have a much better experience.

Support can be anything from creating a user guide to answering commonly asked questions. Either way, this extra step can be the difference between someone sticking with your app or not. Providing support shows users that you actually care about their experience.

4. Reach a wider audience who may enjoy your app

There are also many SEO benefits of having a website for your app. An optimized, useful, and frequently updated website can help you as an app owner match people’s queries. For example, if someone is looking for help with productivity, they may search for ‘productivity app’ in Google and if you’ve included the right kind of keywords and content on your website, this can lead them straight to you!

This means that instead of just reaching people who are searching directly on app stores, you can expand your potential audience and secure more app downloads. It may be a good idea to add a blog page to your website, as this is a great way of producing content about your app or relevant topics that will boost your rankings and help people find your website.

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5. Easier to retain existing app users

If someone downloads your app and enjoys it, they’ll probably want to find out more about the brand — and your social media channels and website are two of the first places they’ll look. Having a website allows you to connect with your users. You’ll have more opportunities to build a relationship, keep them in the loop with updates, and create long-term engagement.

Your website can make your app feel like more than a faceless download. People like to buy into the story of a brand and the same applies to apps. You are more likely to retain users if you can keep them interested and invested in your app — whether it’s free or not.


Creating a website for your app is an absolute game-changer! It provides an incredible opportunity to engage with existing users while attracting new ones. By optimizing your website for search engines, you can skyrocket your downloads and reach an enormous audience.

It's time to level up your app's online presence - Contact Intelivita to start building a website today and watch your business grow!

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