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Experts believe that the reason behind the growing popularity of Virtual Reality game development is the immersive experience it provides. At Intelivita, we ensure that the same essence gets delivered everytime we commence a VR mobile game development project. Our team leaves no stone unturned to serve you with the unbiased and indispensable details of Virtual Reality game development services. The team ensures it utilizes the latest VR game technology to build a final product that appeals to your audience and assists you in leading the VR game race.

As a leading Virtual Reality game development company, our team ensures the project is understood and scoped at each stage of the development lifecycle. This includes discussion, research, user expectations, current market, and the way to bridge the gap to gain more attention for your VR mobile game development project.

Once these parameters are fixed, our team of VR game developers get to the coding business with a ‘techtive’ (tech+creative) approach to giving physical yet virtual form to your mobile game.

We can’t deny the unmatched contribution made by VR technology in different sectors and the experts believe that the same success saga will be marked in the VR game industry too. With its realistic experience, virtual reality is believed to change the way we used to play. A wave of development can be seen globally, not only in context new games but also for the traditional games that we used to play during our early childhood.

Being a virtual reality game development company, we consider this our responsibility to be part of this wave and assist you in reaching and engaging your target audience in a distinct manner and earn their loyalty for a long duration.

Your customized VR game solutions

VR Mobile Games we Build are Device-friendly

Mobility and responsiveness are the key ingredients when it comes to building successful technology. Our team of VR game developers ensures that your game is supported by every possible device.

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Our Expertise

Type of Virtual Reality Games we Develop

VR Action Games

Be a real hero in the virtual world with a VR action game. Though we don’t promote aggression, we don’t find any harm if it’s in a virtual world.

VR FPS Games

The VR first-person shooter games can be the one which delivers most realistic manner. Our team of VR game developers love to redefine the experience with every project.

VR Adventure Games

Love to relish new adventures? Well, the VR adventure games can just the right choice. Trek the mountains and sail through the storming oceans, with VR game development.

Puzzle VR Games

Puzzle solving could never have been so interactive. Even if you find it boring, VR makes it more engaging and interactive.

Sport VR Games

Whether it’s cricket, football, lawn tennis or some other game. With sports VR games you can play every outdoor sport while sitting in your living room.

VR Racing Games

Drive your car through the heavy traffic or a street bike riding at heart-throbbing speed. VR racing games make everything possible without compromising your safety.

VR Arcade Games

Your traditional game friend got adorned with a new look. Live back the arcade experience with VR arcade games.

VR Simulation Games

Simulate the real world activities in a virtual world designed by you. Be the virtual simulator and most realistic and appealing manner with our VR simulation game development.

Why Choose Us

Your Perfect VR Game Development Partner

We don’t claim to be the best Virtual Reality game development company, but we always deliver the best experience to our clients with our creativity and vast domain experience.

  • Experienced Team

    At Intelivita, we have a team of highly experienced professionals who have unmatched expertise in building best VR mobile games for you.

  • Instant Support

    Have aquery? Our team of support representatives are just a call/message away. Just let them know your concern and a solution will be with you shortly.

  • Dedicated Team

    Every VR mobile game development project we get earns a dedicated team. So, until the task is accomplished, you have your own team of experts who’ll be working on your project.

  • Customized Solutions

    We firmly believe that every game project has its own essence and expectations attached. This is why we thrive to serve you customized VR game development services.

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