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Unity has earned a big reputation within the game development in mobile, AR, VR, desktop, and console by delivering an array of advanced game development tools and support for the latest technologies.

Intelivita has a strong grasp on the Unity game engine platform. Being a Unity 3D game development company, we have trained our game developers over time to leverage the offerings and advanced features Unity has.

Thus, we provide seamless game development with incredible graphics, 2D-3D animations, aural and enthralling ambience, and swift gameplay which bind games earning a high rank within the designated marketplace.

The 3D game development service team at Intelivita take care of clientele in all aspects of a games successes, We leverage the various monetisation features of Unity and other game engines to go a long way to secure streaming revenues and growth.

Our game studios are equipped with the latest game development infrastructure for 2D, 3D, AR, VR and the latest advancements in game technologies. We have a large pool of game artists to create striking concepts and digitalize it. Our graphic designers stun mobile game lovers with their creativity.

Our 2D & 3D animators have abilities to bring to life 2D art as well as 3D games by creating immersive experiences. Thus, it makes game players addictive to your games and hit your projects targets quickly as well as continuously.

Our command over upcoming VR & AR technologies is adding more flairs in our 3D game development and lifting high in innovative directions, which are tough to imagine.

Would like to dive in untraversed opportunities for your business or games by leveraging our new flairs?

Why Choose Us

What Makes Intelivita Your best Unity 2D 3D Game Development Partner

When a client thinks of a game development project, hitting the defined goals is of the up-most importance. We acquire the required capabilities to meet the goals of clients with our 3D mobile game development for Clients based in the UK and abroad.

  • Expertise in 2D 3D game development

    We have years of experiences in the game development niche it doesn’t mean that we are not learning the latest technologies and trends. Therefore, our latest mobile 3D games have unique flavours including AR, AI, and locations technologies.

  • Excellent User Interface

    Creative user interface with attractive backgrounds, striking game effects, and appealing characters to fit into the storyline of the game in highly contextual manner. Improve game engagement and retention rates high.

  • High Quality & Security

    Modern games for cross-platform experiences have several security issues due to its dependence on the Internet or other cellular connectivity, and we deal with it effectively without losing quality credentials.

  • Flexible Packages

    We give reigns of game development in the hands of patrons through our comprehensive Hire 3D game developer packages to make it the most cost-efficient as they can.

Our Expertise

Our Unity 2D 3D Game Development Genre Includes

Each game genre for 2d & 3d games demands specific game strategies, methodologies, design, programming, testing, and marketing. Our prolonged experiences in developing the unity 2D 3D games in a variety of game genre empowered us to justify the needs of clients with high quality and cost-effective throughputs.

Sport Game
Shooting Game
Racing Game
Adventure Game
Multiplayer Game
Puzzel Game
Fighting Game
Action Game
Board Game
Simulator Game

Intelivita Gen

Last Berserker- Endless War

Last Berserker- Endless War is an arcade fighting game developed for Steam and Android devices in unity 3D game engine with pixel art style graphics. one-tap, a reflex rich game with exciting characters to choose from for a fight of a lifetime around abundant locations and backdrops.30 different warriors for the ultimate war and Fight against 5 kinds of challenging enemies.

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Last Berserker- Endless War

Intelivita Gen

Jack The Miner - Robot Gem Mining

Jack The Miner - Robot Gem Mining Game developed for both android and ios devices in unity 3d game engine technology. Jack is a specially designed robot, sent by humans, to dig out the most precious metal on an alien planet. Daily rewards and in-app purchase incorporated into the game.

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Jack The Miner - Robot Gem Mining

Intelivita Gen

Bubble Tap Shooter

The fun bubble shooting adventure game is developed for both iOS and Android devices in unity 3D game engine. This game unleashes the challenge for the mobile gamers to target the right match of changing bubble colour in a wheel at incrementing speed. Compete with friends, challenge them to beat the records and create the high score.

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Bubble Tap Shooter

Intelivita Gen

Fidget Spinner Tycoon

Fidget Spinner Tycoon is an iPad and iPhone game developed in unity 3D game engine. Spin your fidget spinner and upgrade it for faster spins! Now you can spin with a purpose. The game is simple - Spin the fidget as long as you can to get more spins. The idea is simple Keep on spinning and upgrades to the highest spinner!

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Fidget Spinner Tycoon

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