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The best of engineering + design - Intelivita brings to you the best of both worlds that Apple is reputed for since incarnation. As a digitally inspired enterprise, we are always on the lookout for the next big breakthrough in iPhone app development. Our focus is not to build just another mobile app, but bring an idea to reality through wholesome app development. This has helped the apps we built climb to the top ranks of app store leaderboards quickly.

Our team comprises of the cream of engineering talent who have been dabbling in iPhone app development passionately. We are also made up of designer brains who can think from the shoes of a user an create vivid and detailed app interfaces and workflows that will make your app a winner in the iTunes leaderboards. Be it to solve an enterprise problem or to build the next big thing in the app world, our engineering + design expertise will help you do both.

Have queries about your next iPhone app development? Well, having questions is a sign of intelligence. Don’t hesitate!! Contact us today and get answers to all your queries.

What We Do

A world of App Options, Made for The iPhone

Be it a groundbreaking new idea that needs app engineering or a business productivity app that will make things easier for enterprises, we are geared up to deliver on everything.



Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality

Why We

Why Intelivita for Your iPhone App Development

Custom app development needs a tech-minded partner, not just a vendor. As your tech partner for iPhone application development, we will help you make the best use of your time and resources to build an immersive iPhone app.

Agile Development Methodology

We follow the Agile development methodology to facilitate rapid product releases with stability and high-quality code.

Bug-Free Deployment

Our QA professionals use a combination of manual and automation testing to ensure that the app is released bug-free.

Cost Efficient

High-quality services and affordability may not be offered together elsewhere. But, for Intelivita it is one of the key USPs.

Expert Native Developers

Your apps will be built by qualified, experienced and passionate iPhone app developers who see their work as pieces of art.

Inspirational UI/UX

Our UI/UX designs are inspired by the habits and actions that users have become accustomed to.

Non-disclosure Agreement

Every project would be accompanied with an NDA where we agree not to share your project details to any outsider.

Transparent & Competitive

Our devs, tech leads and rest of the team take pride in delivering what is promised to the client.

On-Time Delivery

We know how it feels when someone fails to meet their deadlines. So we take acute measures to ensure that the project is delivered on time, if not earlier.

Many Industries, Many Solutions

Industries, functions, departments and utilities are divided by purposes. But, a single iPhone app can unite them all together and make them function productively with the power of mobility. Find out how we make that happen for various forms of business models.

Many industries, many solutions

Industries, functions, departments and utilities are divided by purposes. But, a single iPhone app can unite them all together and make them function productively with the power of mobility. Find out how we make that happen for various forms of business models.

From manufacturing to education, Augmented Reality is getting prepped to move and shake things in all places where digital experiences can be used. Be there before everyone else with our iPhone app development expertise in Augmented Reality.

We are geared up to weave magic in all forms of AR apps for Apple devices. From enterprise to entertainment, we have you covered in all corners.

There are immersive experiences that your users can enjoy beyond the screen borders of an iPhone. Deliver that with the same panache of Apple user experience with well-thought virtual reality apps for iPhones.

Come with an idea and we will turn it into a viable project with our app development expertise.

Tap into the growing trend of on-demand businesses. From taxi hailing to food ordering, there is so much that an on-demand app can do. But, it needs the app to be well-thought, especially from the angles of the customer, deliverer and admin.

With a breadth of experience in building all kinds of on-demand businesses, we are sure to turn your business easily available on demand for your customers.

The Trillion-dollar worth mobile commerce world has room for plenty of iPhone apps. Make your app stand out from the crowd with shopping-friendly features like secure mobile checkout, wishlists, digital wallets, order tracking and much more.

Be here. Be there. Be everywhere. Be available real-time with instant messaging apps for instant messaging, video communication, online collaboration and much more. Instant messaging can throw open a world of communication options for your business.

Your business may not need another Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. It needs a customized instant messaging app. We can help you build that.

On the Internet as well as on media, NOW is the new form of currency. The audience wants to consume content that is produced LIVE right in front of their eyes. To serve that right across all digital platforms, you need the right media infrastructure.

Our exposure to video on demand solutions, live streaming solutions and digital media technologies can help you become a force in the live video streaming space.

Thanks to Internet banking, digital wallets and cryptocurrencies money has taken several forms. Still, the functions of banking and finance haven’t undergone much change. There are several redundant processes that the century-old industry can reform with the intelligence of custom iPhone app development.

Our experts who know the logical side of banking and finance and technical side of iPhone app development can facilitate the digital transformation of your financial business.

This is the era of ‘quantified self’. Users want to measure the very step that they take, monitor their heart rate, count the number of calories they burn and do much more with their smart devices.

What better way to do all that than with an Apple device. Our iPhone app development services can build health and fitness apps that can turn around lifestyle for the health-conscious users.

The millennial generation is ready to exchange fortunes for experiences. And they need mobile apps to help them find new travel experiences.

As an iPhone app development company, we have a keen eye to build travel and tourism apps that will help users to plan better, find more places, document their travels, socialize with fellow travellers and do much more.

iPhones, iPads and iMacs are the new on-demand tutors. And, the best way to carry around tutors in pockets is with mobile apps. We build iPhone apps for education and learning purposes that turn children into attentive students.

Our iPhone apps for education and learning come equipped with vivid animations, gamification and even paywall features to facilitate monetization.

From photo editing to video editing, the right iPhone can turn an average user into a resourceful media expert. As an experienced iPhone app development company, we can help you build easy-to-use and feature-rich iPhone apps for photo and video editing.

Take your user’s photo and video experience to a whole new level with custom-built iPhone apps that can do everything from applying filters to cropping and fixing exposure settings automatically.

Build iPhone apps that can do many things including music streaming, video on demand, subscription-based media payback and much more. Bridge the gap between iPhone’s stellar user experience and immersive media apps with our custom iPhone app development expertise.

Come to us with an app idea, greet the world with an iPhone app that will keep users hooked to the media for hours long.

The Works

A Glimpse of Our Top iPhone App Development Works

With the ever-growing smartphone and iPhone app development demand, we have come flying in providing mobility solutions to simplify the business process. check out few of the top mobile apps created by intelivita.

ClaireaBella: The Personalised Emoji App

A personalised emoji character creation app used for instant messaging, social media and online custom product purchase. The emojis are fully customisable and are available in two characters styles including ClaireaBella and Mr CB.

AK Microblading: Health and Beauty Training App

A training institute mobile application for students and trainers. We've designed and developed the application for both Android and iOS devices. All students can track assignments and interact with the trainers on the go.

Dorel Taxi: On-demand Taxi Booking App

Dorel Taxi is an on-demand taxi-booking mobile app. Intelivita developed both the rider and driver application for iOS and Android, with interactive admin dashboard to manage the business efficiently.

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