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AR is not a new technology and has been known in the technology industry for some time, but to a large extent Augmented Reality game development companies are still struggling to explore its real potential and deliver the same to the global audience. At Intelivita, our team has flawless command over the available tools like ARKit, Vuforia, ARCore, Wikitude, ARToolkit etc. Besides these, considering the essentials of creativity and user engagement, the team also utilizes its creative approach to design and deliver some of the best AR game development services to its clients.

The team firmly believes that the only way to make a deep space in the hearts of global audience through AR mobile game development is to create innovative and creative solutions and deliver them effortlessly through best Augmented Reality game development services.

To ensure prompt and competitive delivery of the same, the team follows a certain set of guidelines and procedures for research and development tasks, which effectively works as fuel.

When the technology stack and expertise match with the above-mentioned flavours, time and dedication, the team at Intelivita make its way to one of the best Augmented Reality game development company in the world. However, we also believe that just earning a badge isn’t the big deal. Hence to maintain the same position in the ultra-competitive AR mobile game development market, flawless services and client satisfaction remain uncompromised.

With that said, we now invite you to get in touch and bring us your idea or requirments. This will eventually lead us to develop undisputed leading game solution in AR industry. We believe in sharing knowledge.

Device friendly AR game development solutions

Initiate AR Game Development for Multiple Platforms

It’s tough to predict the device your end users will be utilizing to spend time with your AR mobile game, to ensure you win their hearts every time; we help you build AR mobile game development for multiple platforms.



Android Phone

Android Tablet

Our Expertise

Type of Augmented Reality Games we Develop

Geolocation Games

Quest games like treasure hunt has always been fantasizing the people. With our AR based geolocation game services, you can indeed bridge the gap between the real world and virtual clues.

AR FPS Games

As the name suggests, build a first-person shooter game with our AR game development services and gain more eyeballs with an astonishing real game experience in the virtual world.


This one takes the game experience to an entirely new level. Allow your players to go on a quest in real-world locations and fight with virtual assassins and monsters.

AR Shooting Games

Adorn your shooting game application with augmented reality and avail your user's unbiased attention by bridging the gap between virtual adventure in the real-world arena.

Sport AR Games

While traditional mobile applications restrain you from having entire fun with sports game applications, the Sports AR games ensure your users get all new experience of being on field.

Turn Based AR Games

There’s a good majority of people inclined towards 2-player games. Give them a better experience with turn-based AR games and expand your market with a new era of mobile game.

AR Table Games

Be it the trending roulette and poker or childhood games like Chess, Ludo, Snake, and Ladders etc. With AR table games, you can indeed gain the special attention of your target audience.

AR Card Games

Card games are the best time killer for people across the globe. Let that then be Teen Patti, Rummy or some other game. Introduce AR card games with us and avail the best experience for your users.

Why Choose Us

Traits That Make us Perfect AR Game Development Company

While many have jumped into the emerging trend, we would like to share with you the characteristics that make us better than other AR game development service providers in the market.

  • Dedicated Experienced Professionals

    At Intelivita we ensure giving a dedicated team of AR game development professional, who are solely responsible to accomplish your task and assist you in attaining set milestones.

  • Keeping You Updated

    Being one of the leading Augmented Reality game development company, we consider it our utmost responsibility to keep you updated on the progress of your AR mobile game development on a real-time basis.

  • Innovatively Creative

    Team Intelivita firmly believes that the key to lead the Augmented Reality game development market is to ensure bringing innovative and creative solutions for all AR mobile game development project we receive.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We find our key to growth in delivering satisfaction to our clients. No project is called closed until it matches the client’s expectation. This includes entire development cycle.

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