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Intelivita is a popular destination for game development and our Windows games development services are getting big applauds from the clientele in the UK, Europe and across the globe.

Microsoft has gifted a lot to the game industry as a leading platform for console games, desktops games, and now mobile games. Our affinity with Microsoft technology known in the game niche and we are liable to transform all into the creation of surreal and immersive games running on Windows desktops

Our expertise on motion graphics design and various game engines including Unity 2D/3D Cocos2d-X empower us to turn game storyline and gameplays into immersive virtual experiences to obtain sheer entertainment and engagement.

By employing the latest technology & tools for windows desktop game development, we help our clients to grow game idea one-level up and enables them to see high ROI from our quality Windows Game Development Services.

Our kinship with quality has established us as a leading Windows Game Development Company in the UK that always offers the best price tags that none can afford in the game development industry.

Do you have any game idea for Windows Desktop Game Development and like to share it with us?

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Intelivita for Windows Game Development?

Intelivita is a team of Windows Game Developers believe in ethics and professionalism. Therefore, we act more like your Windows Game Design & Development partner than mere conventional developers. Thus, we firmly stand by you throughout the entire game development process passing through various stages and also during post-development stages of the game lifecycle.

  • Competent Team

    Intelivita is a team of concept artists, motion graphic designers, top 2D 3D unity game developers proficient in creating the best Windows game.

  • Feature Rich Game

    Our extensive experience in windows game development has equipped us to offer the advanced and feature-rich games that make the player go crazy and addicted.

  • Competent Quality

    With the innovative ideas, we aspire to create 2D/3D desktop games with a high-quality screen, easy user interface, high-end capabilities and amazing graphic.

  • Affordable Pricing

    We give each quote at competitive market rates, and hiring our Windows Game Developer packages is highly flexible and extremely cost-effective.

Our Expertise

Types of 2D & 3D Windows Game we Develop.

Our passion for Windows game and unity game engine development proficiency is a known thing, so we always strive to offer surreal game experiences on multiple versions of Windows for a wide array of Windows Desktops Games. The following are a game genre we cover the most in Windows Desktop Game Development Services.

Sport Game
Shooting Game
Racing Game
Adventure Game
Multiplayer Game
Puzzel Game
Fighting Game
Action Game
Board Game
Simulator Game

Intelivita Gen

Last Berserker- Endless War

Last Berserker- Endless War is an arcade fighting game developed for Steam and Android devices in unity 3D game engine with pixel art style graphics. one-tap, a reflex rich game with exciting characters to choose from for a fight of a lifetime around abundant locations and backdrops.30 different warriors for the ultimate war and Fight against 5 kinds of challenging enemies.

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Last Berserker- Endless War

Intelivita Gen

Jack The Miner - Robot Gem Mining

Jack The Miner - Robot Gem Mining Game developed for both android and ios devices in unity 3d game engine technology. Jack is a specially designed robot, sent by humans, to dig out the most precious metal on an alien planet. Daily rewards and in-app purchase incorporated into the game.

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Jack The Miner - Robot Gem Mining

Intelivita Gen

Bubble Tap Shooter

The fun bubble shooting adventure game is developed for both iOS and Android devices in unity 3D game engine. This game unleashes the challenge for the mobile gamers to target the right match of changing bubble colour in a wheel at incrementing speed. Compete with friends, challenge them to beat the records and create the high score.

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Bubble Tap Shooter

Intelivita Gen

Fidget Spinner Tycoon

Fidget Spinner Tycoon is an iPad and iPhone game developed in unity 3D game engine. Spin your fidget spinner and upgrade it for faster spins! Now you can spin with a purpose. The game is simple - Spin the fidget as long as you can to get more spins. The idea is simple Keep on spinning and upgrades to the highest spinner!

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Buzzle Boxed of PuzzleDom

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