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Search Engine Optimization Services

Your customers could be from the next street. Or they could be located in another continent. As a Search Engine Optimization Agency, we will help you become visible to your target audience located in any corner of the world. Our SEO experts relies on white hat SEO techniques that will keep your web pages in the good books of Google and every other major search engine.

At Intelivita, we understand the truth a website is not longer just a web page. It is the most expensive piece of digital real estate. Each pixel in that web page if optimized the right way will bring you traffic in troves turning your website into a never-ending lead funnel.

Fret not about getting spammer or blacklisted. We play by the rules that every digital marketer worth his salt lives by. We stick to organic SEO tactics with total transparency that will insulate your business from all possible risks. Right from keyword research to online outreach, we do SEO marketing with a professional finesse that you rarely see in today’s world. Our periodical reports will keep you in know of the ROI that the money you spend is bringing.

Talk to our SEO experts to know how to make SEO work for you.

Search, at your service

Bespoke Search Engine Optimization Services

You can have a website that is just launched or one that has been around for a decade or more. We are fully-geared to bring the SEO-advantage to your website and turn it into a magnet that draws traffic like iron pellets.

Audit Report

Our SEO audit reporting will cover tip-to-toe of your website’s SEO health, correctness of keyword selection, on site optimization, etc.


Put your website in the Internet’s radar with website onsite optimization using SEO-friendly content, page titles, meta tags and so on.


Our experts will help carry out a thorough breakdown of the SEO-quotient of your website and how to tweak it for higher search engine ranking.

Google Search
Console Data Analysis

Derive insights about how your organic traffic is performing with a detailed Google Search Console Data Analysis done by your data experts.

Backlinks analysis

Bad backlinks can wreak havoc to your SERP ranking. Stay immune from such mishaps with our expert SEO backlink analysis.

Link Building

We will help you with external blog posting and link submission from high-authority websites that will signal search engines to rank it higher.

Content Marketing

SEO and good content go hand-in-hand. All your great storytelling efforts need an SEO advantage to rank higher. Allow us to do the weightlifting for you.

High Quality
Content Creation

For 66% of B2B marketers, high-quality content creation is the biggest challenge. With us as your SEO Service Provider, it would be one of your strategic advantages.


Want to make a strong presence in the local market? Our SEO localization will help your business rank higher for search requests made by local customers.

Hate SEO

Rank higher without breaking the rules. Our SEO services are primed to play by the rules that all search engine authorities and marketers would approve of.

SEO for
Small Businesses

You can be a startup or a growing business, our SEO campaigns will help reach customers who don’t know about your services yet.


Get an expert view on your SEO strategy and how it can be better optimized. Get out of your result plateau with our result-centric SEO consultation services.


Why your Business Needs the Search Engine Optimization

In the Internet-era, traffic the bloodline that keeps businesses alive. SEO is a must-have tool that will bring traffic from specific target audience who can potentially become paying customers.

Build SEO strategy for small business Build SEO strategy for small business
Wallet-friendly Marketing

SEO is a wallet-friendly marketing strategy. We will help you devise a SEO strategy that will drive organic traffic and lead generation with the right mix of SEO and SEM activities.

Search Engine Optimization Agency Search Engine Optimization Agency
Outwit Competition

Stay ahead of your competition with top ranking SERPs that will guide users to your website or campaign landing page. With an SEO agency like us, you are sure to outwit competition.

SEO service to build an online brand SEO service to build an online brand
Build Online Brand

Brands of the Internet-era are build online. Our SEO activities will help your brand become visible to your target audience in the right juncture when their attention span would be at its peak.

Reach new customer with SEO services Reach new customer with SEO services
Find New Customers

With SEO, you make it easy for your customers to find you. Our white hat SEO process that uses high search volume keywords will bring the right customers to your business.

Improve conversion rate with white hat SEO Improve conversion rate with white hat SEO
Boost Conversion Rates

Harness the power of dynamic SEO content, long-tail keywords, and strategic placement of CTAs to take your conversion rates to new heights.

SEO campaign to improve organic visibility SEO campaign to improve organic visibility
Connect with Market

Become visible to the users who are searching for products/services like your with long-tailed keywords, Google AdWords and other paid SEO campaign models.

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