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How Mobile Apps Can Meet and Even Exceed User Expectations

The next big thing in mobile technology is going to be about customer experience. In fact, according to Walker Info, 2020 will be the year where UX will beat the brand and product to take the centre stage. With time running by, Startups engaged in providing app as a solution and services will need to leverage this key differentiator.

There’s a certain journey that a user goes through and it involves a certain level of expectations as well. If you are planning to build a mobile app, you must get your grounds covered with basics – meeting user expectation. With mobile driving 56% of digital traffic, reducing their efforts to serve what they look for is an ideal way towards sustainable growth.

How do you do that?

Let’s look at 5 powerful ways of meeting and even exceeding customer expectations to drive your app business’ growth.

#1 UX/UI that goes beyond the basics

It all starts by removing non-functional steps from an app to enable smooth, to the point user experience. A golden rule is to consider every tap on the screen yielding meaningful experience to the users. Try making your app as self-explanatory as possible to let users follow the design and interact freely with easy navigation. This is the basic user expectation you should be meeting.

Consider this; giving a number keyboard for a number input field. Here, users won’t be expecting you to walk that extra mile but you do. That puts a smile on their face and keep them coming for more. What you did here is that you removed one step for the users to manually switch to a numerical keyboard on their device.

Enhance Your Mobile App User Experience- Number keyword is key

Source: FantasyJi

Now when it comes to blending UX with UI, designers should be thinking of how easy it will be for users to navigate using a single hand. The key to winning their heart is developing a mobile app that addresses the concerns of growing screen sizes. Placing important icons around the corner can be a big turn off especially if users are using giant smartphones. Avoiding activities that require such actions with such a motion is a big win and a way to exceed their expectations, quite subtly.

#2 Being Proactive, Not Reactive

While most of the Startup founders bank on their fast-track feedback resolution mechanism, you must be adopting that. But exceeding user expectations will require you to be proactive and not waste customer’s time to reach out to you and explain everything in detail.

Best if you could contact the users personally and ask them for issues if any. Not giving them the chance to complain is a big win in itself. This creates more transparency and wins their faith while creating loyalty at the same time. Such an experience helps to spread positive word of mouth about your brand.

#3. Personalising Interaction and Customer Service

Tap into the customer database and rope in data crunching team to come up with best tips for customers along with LVC to better gauge the issues and device ways to address those. Keeping personnel to interact with users is one way but assigning a relationship manager makes you walk a mile more but it does exceed their expectations. This will build a rapport and customers come looking for every time they open an app.

Mobile app can help Personalize the Customer Experience of your customers

Source: Hyken

Ways to exceed customer expectations with improved customer service

  • Enabling contact information that’s easy to locate within the mobile app
  • Giving more ways to customer to reach out to you, anytime; including social media responses
  • Include all the communication channels using Google Adwords and Google Business Listings to stay in your customer’s mind for long
  • Faster response rates and personalized assistance goes a long way in customer’s head than mechanical call-centre responses
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#4 Simplifying the Buying Process

There’s no point for small apps to take on the likes of Walmart, Ubers and Amazons of the world in terms of price competition. Well, there’s one thing that compensates the price differences and it is the customer experience.

A recent survey indicates 81% of users willing to spend more for a better experience. Also, this report suggests 9% of consumers ready to pay more than a half if it exceeds their expectations. If not, brands like March Tee wouldn’t be surviving in a competitive Indian market by offering a solid cotton t-shirt for INR 1500.

better user experience in mobile app by Simplifying the Buying Process

Source: Capgemini

And if that’s how you opt to take the business further, you need to simplify the buying process by incorporating the following:

  • Provide free shipping and returns or free delivery on an occasional basis (loyal customers)
  • Providing money-back assurance on products and services to combat initial user hesitation
  • Blending in the reviews and testimonials on the app to promote positive word of mouth
  • Personalizing the marketing communication that goes via a mobile app based on customer’s historical data
  • Purchase made possible in lesser taps on the screen

#5 Enabling cohesively integrated Digital Environment

Ending a customer’s journey on purchase is obvious that every business does. Exceeding the expectations here would mean carving a brand out of your app. It all starts with delivering all-around customer satisfaction with after-sales services, feedback mechanism, and reaching out to customers in as many ways possible.

Be it a best-of-breed approach or a dynamic platform for customer experience. Delivering optimized content to keep users updated is the key to make them feel the esteemed users of your mobile app.

What if they learn that the app they use is featured in the top 100’s of Mashable?

How would you communicate if you are roping in a celebrity endorsement?

Things like these will make them proud users. Be it social media, forums, email, WhatsApp, or in-app notifications, engaging users after sales are something that drives retention and business growth in a longer run.

Concluding Thought

While these are just a few of the ways to drive better customer experience and succeed in exceeding their expectations, there are a plethora of other activities involved. Try using data extensively to find what pleases your users.

The devil is in the details, so never try to underestimate even the slightest of shifts. Keeping your app free of bugs and having an agile Q/A team is one of the ways to fulfil and even exceed user expectations.

Oliver Baker

Oliver Baker is a co-founder of Intelivita, a leading Web and Mobile App Development Company based in Leeds, UK. Oliver has been at the forefront of the business, expanding it globally and into new technologies including iOS and Android, AR, VR and Mobile Game applications. Oliver excels in Project Management, Leadership, Quality Assurance and Problem Solving and has qualifications with Prince2 and APM. He aims to develop his skills further through a shared interest with other leaders in the Software Markets and the Clients of Intelivita.

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