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7 Best Food App Ideas to Start Your Restaurant in 2021

Numerous businesses have entered the meal delivery industry because of seeing the potential that it offers due to an ongoing pandemic. By 2022, it is projected that the global meal delivery industry would generate annual revenue of USD 956 million, which is perhaps why you need this new world revolution. You are a part of this renaissance. Who doesn't like sitting in the comfort of their own homes, eating their favourite foods, and binge-watching Netflix?

Many top meal delivery apps are always improving their features to improve our lives. The projected annual growth rate of the online food delivery app is 38.08% from 2018 to 2023. In key cities globally, the proportion of daily orders completed is growing unprecedented due to restaurants leveraging food app ideas and opting for food delivery app development.

The mobile application development firms are taking additional measures to make their applications smart and hassle-free. Implementing app ideas for restaurants ensures that no customer would need to stand in a queue to order food or wait for a meal delivery service without getting any updates. The global food delivery business is worth €83 billion and is expected to expand at a 3.5% annual rate within the next five years.

Also, the online meal delivery industry earned sales of US $107,438 million in 2019. It is anticipated to expand at a 9.9% annual pace, registering a US $156,819 million growth by 2023 due to the pandemic. Your traditional food joint company wants to capitalize on the popular online food app concept with such quick development.

This blog will present many app ideas for restaurant startups who can try to hold the market. Check out ideas and pick your brilliant food delivery app idea for the next big leap.

What are the benefits of having mobile apps in the Food and Restaurant Industry?

  • The post-covid increase in mobile meal delivery demand
  • Table booking to adhere to social distancing standards
  • Simplifying the ordering procedure for customers with digital menus
  • Establishing a digital presence for your food brand

What are the best mobile app ideas for the Food & Restaurant industry?

1. Food Delivery Apps

Food Delivery Apps

When you think of app ideas for restaurant startups, the one for the food delivery app comes up time. This is the only way for customers to get delectable meals delivered right to their doorstep by simply activating location services in the app.

Whether you're developing an UberEats clone app or a meal ordering service like Zomato or Just Eat, you'll need a point-of-sale and administration system in either instance.

You can simply build a mobile app for food delivery to administer it and make it more scalable for your food company.

Rather than focusing on building an online order, consider how to manage and organize resources once you integrate a food delivery app with your restaurant business. With a handy smartphone app, you can keep track of all online transactions and their associated history.

These food app concepts create a trusting connection between you and your customers for those who have rush hour commute times.

2. Table booking App Idea

Table booking App Idea

The pandemic era is seeing more people booking the tables to adhere to the social distance guidelines. This is one of the food app ideas that provide convenience to users by saving them valuable time. The restaurant owner will indeed be pleased to manage their orders more precisely; the user experience will be enhanced; restaurant employees will have adequate time to prepare the food; the owner will be able to operate his business in a smaller space.

Additionally, individuals may reserve a table by phone, while on the other hand, the The restaurant's staff records your information on paper. However, what if the paper is misplaced?

And what about managing all that information? Therefore, you need a mobile app to confirm the reservation.

Food delivery is a booming business. Are you prepared to plunge into the future?

Get food and restaurant industry experts by your side. At Intelivita, we help you quickly implement business ideas with quality food delivery app development.

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3. Food Ordering Market Place App Idea

Many food ordering apps are acting as marketplace aggregators. These apps list the restaurant that is offering food delivery and includes these in their app.

If a restaurant owner does not want to develop their food app but wishes to have an online presence, this food ordering marketplace app is ideal. Food ordering marketplace software provides restaurant operators with an online platform to showcase their menus to hungry customers.

When a client orders meals from a certain restaurant, the chosen businesses are notified and offer home delivery to the consumer. Online food ordering apps and delivery businesses have earned a prominent position in the e-commerce market. This proves that if this business works with the latest trends, it can make huge profits.

The working of food delivery app ideas for restaurant aggregators

  1. Customers navigate through a list of restaurants and their menus according to their geographic area. Additionally, you can simply check out the reviews for each establishment.
  2. They make the purchase and choose the preferred payment method since it offers various payment choices (Online payment or COD).
  3. The proprietors of restaurants and marketplaces are notified.
  4. Users get order confirmation.
  5. The kitchen will begin processing orders and preparing meals.
  6. The restaurant or a third-party delivery service works to deliver the order to the customer.
  7. The marketplace owner deducts a predetermined commission from the entire bill and distributes the remainder to the restaurateur.

The primary benefit of this kind of app is that it improves consumer convenience by bringing meals directly to their doorsteps. Alternatively, you can also follow the step-by-step guide to know how to develop an on-demand food delivery app.

4. Home Cooked Food App

Home Cooked Food App

As is the case with fast food, fine home-style dining arouses an array of diverse cravings. And on occasion, a restaurant's taste is inadequate to fulfil this desire. This is one of the great food app ideas that appeals to gourmet connoisseurs as your application will cater to the niche demanding homemade meals.

In contrast to eateries, this method enables you to collaborate with remote or freelance chefs, allowing them to register and offer on-demand food. Here, the users can pick their dish or cuisine and make special order requests.

5. App for food wastage reduction

This is an excellent app idea for the restaurant business as you may easily start a business by distributing leftover food from restaurants to the needy people of the neighbourhood. As a restaurant owner, it is critical to be conscious of food waste. Food manufacturers produce an abundance of food these days.

The disadvantaged population is indeed growing quickly, and this idea may be amazing as it is about aiding the poor.

But how do you craft a business strategy with such an app? Well, this sort of brilliant food delivery app idea finds several takers in the business world. A company that develops an app with this unique concept may always partner with large firms to share operating costs. Crowdfunding may also prove an excellent option for creating these sorts of applications in the long term.

6. Frozen Food Items Delivery

The demand for frozen food items is increasing worldwide. And, if we are to consider the recent study, the projected valuation of frozen food item delivery is set to soar USD 380.5 billion by 2027. This enormous increase is forecast only based on current yearly frozen food consumption in Asian, Middle Eastern, and European countries.

The online presence of companies dealing with frozen food products is in small numbers. And this means that any new brand has a tremendous chance to gain momentum. Among the frozen food items available for delivery are fish, ready-to-eat meals, various vegetables, potatoes, meat, dairy products, and fruits. Including organic food products on your list would only add to the appeal for your end customers.

7. Food Coupon & Deals Offering App

It is an accepted truth that consumers would, without fail, look for any discounts or bargains before making a reservation. This is one of the food app ideas where you'd go the extra mile to provide competitive deals and discounts over the mobile app.

Try catering to existing clients and keep new ones coming in as you or your restaurants may advertise current discounts on food and their festive meals. The mobile app for food delivery helps recognize regular clients and appreciate them with appropriate incentives to promote repetitive usage.

Looking to get into the Food Delivery App business?

Reach out to our restaurant and food business app developers to discuss your requirements. We will help you navigate the right technology and tools to get started in the right direction.

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FAQs related to App Ideas for Food and Restaurant Industry

How profitable is it to execute brilliant food delivery app ideas?

Food delivery is lucrative in comparison to other on-demand companies. Another advantage of a meal delivery company is that it has a low-ownership structure. As a result, the danger is reduced. Similarly, to the food delivery app concept, you may experiment with different business offerings.

Which features should my food delivery application include?

When implementing app ideas for the restaurant and food delivery business, consider the following feature-set to ensure success.

  • User Registration
  • Restaurant/Food Finder
  • In-App Order Placement
  • Order Customization
  • Schedule the Order
  • Payment Options
  • Delivery Driver/Restaurant Contact Info
  • Delivery Driver Live Tracking
  • Push Notifications
  • Consumer Review for Restaurant and Delivery Riders
How important is the restaurant app for my business?

A food app ideas mobile application for your food delivery business company represents an exciting new income stream. According to an estimate, the value of online purchases will treble in 2020 compared with the previous year, reaching 38 billion. That is a tremendous amount of growth that you might capitalize on with your mobile app.


You can start with implementing any of the food app ideas from those mentioned above. Online meal delivery applications come in various flavours and simply need to bank on any brilliant food delivery app idea to leverage benefits.

When starting a restaurant or food new company, there are certainly more distinctive and stylish food app concepts. And if you're curious about how a startup app concept may assist you in launching a unique grocery business, you may want to know why a restaurant needs a mobile business app to grow and flourish.

Suppose you are interested in creating an app for the food and restaurant industry. In that case, you should have a well-defined backend and delivery strategy to manage the supply chain and coordinate delivery in a streamlined and seamless way. Finding a mobile app development firm in UK that would share your startup application with you for a lower cost is possible.

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