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Time to Think Beyond Websites; Mobile App is the Way Forward for Business

Gone are the days when we would wait for a webpage to open in order to browse. With the introduction of mobile apps, most of the tasks can be completed within a  few clicks on our smartphones. The usage of apps has now surpassed the usage of websites, and mobile applications have opened a world of opportunities to its users by making their life simple and hassle-free. 

Many entrepreneurs feel that an app is not required for their business; only a website compatible with mobile devices to drive business performance, while others would agree that mobile apps are far better than websites as they have some extra benefits that a website cannot offer.

The latest comScore global mobile report 2018 shows that more than 80% of mobile minutes in all markets are spent on apps and just 20% on web browsers. 


Pros of Mobile Apps:
Mobile apps are becoming imperative for businesses; all thanks to the various benefits on offer. Let’s dive into the pros of a mobile app:

1. Customer Engagement

Mobile apps function with their own interface environment which lets users plunge into the mobile experience. They are built with the purpose of letting the users achieve their goals flawlessly and at ease. It also enhances customer relationships and customer loyalty.

With a mobile app on your customer’s device, you have an opportunity to expose more of your business to your customers. You can update them with the latest information about your services and products which would make your business more reliable. By offering coupons and discounts via the mobile app you are encouraging your customers to return to your store to make more purchases thereby giving a boost to your business performance.

2. Branding Opportunities

Mobile apps are capable to offer new branding opportunities to its users. Mobile apps offer a completely different experience to users. In case your website can’t offer enough value to your customers, a business application would be an ideal way to go with as it provides users with a different channel of engagement experience.

3. Personalization

Personalization here refers to providing customized communication to users based on their location, usage, habit, etc. Mobile apps easily offer users a personalized experience.

It allows users to set their preferences when they download the app. Apps track the user engagement on the basis of which recommendations and updates can be offered to the users.

4. Enhances Accessibility

With the help of mobile apps, you can send push notifications, alerts, instant and automatic updates etc. to your customers and offer additional functions such as QR codes, GPS capabilities, podcasts and more.

With the help of this, your customers are sure to receive your messages and you no longer need to worry about your messages getting wedged and piled up in the spam folder.

5. Offline Access

Mobile apps can function without an internet connection. However, there are apps which need an internet connection to perform certain tasks, but they still can provide users with access to information at any time from anywhere even in offline mode. 

6. Brand Presence

Mobile apps allow customers to carry your brand on their device and this is a major advantage that mobile apps have on mobile websites. The icon of the app present on the customer’s smartphone keeps them reminded about your brand even when they are not using the mobile app. This gives you an opportunity to market your brand with a specifically targeted group and enhance customer engagement with mobile applications

Source: Millward Brown

The use of mobile app and browsers may differ with the industry and consumer interaction. The graph of Millward Brown suggests that there are patterns to mobile web and mobile application used for various industry. Research and brand comparisons are done on mobile browsers whereas the apps are for regular engagement with brands and socialization.

Mobile App - A better option

Gives your business 24X7 access to customers and helps you to connect directly with your customers. Lets you have effective communication with your customers enhances customer engagement thereby drives customer loyalty. An enterprise mobile app is an excellent option and if developed appropriately it can be a strategic and valuable option for your business.

Final Thoughts: 

Whether you are a newly established firm or a business that has years of experience, now that you have got an idea as to why a mobile app is need of the hour for businesses today; when are you going to hire a mobile app development company to get the one for you? The step you take today is going to set the foundation for the future of your business performance. Either be the first to develop an enterprise mobile app and reap its benefits or be the last and watch your competitors harness the first-mover advantage. It’s on you to take the call. 

Tuhin Bhatt

Tuhin Bhatt is a co-founder of Intelivita, a leading Web and Mobile App Development Company with offices in the UK and India. He has expertise in Mobile Game, iOS, Android, AR and VR app technologies. With flawless command over mobile app development, Tuhin also has a passion to share his expertise with clients and other enthusiasts. His write-ups are usually based on Technology, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship.

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