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What is Android Instant App? What are the Benefits of Android Instant App for your Business?

One out of four users abandons a mobile app after the first use.  This effectively means that 25% of users of apps have reason to find the offerings unsuitable or of little value to meet their specific needs. This painful statistic explains the conundrum faced by users and businesses alike. And this is where Google seems to have pulled out a rabbit out of its hat, with the Instant App.

Users are more likely to abandon an app if the functionalities were misread or misleading. Decisions are reversed in hindsight. Google’s Instant App is the little bridge that gives users the power of hindsight, without having to go through the whole cycle of downloading-installation. Users get to check out some specific feature/function that is at the heart of their requirements without downloading the full app. This extraordinary feature TRY before USE is ONLY applicable to the native Android applications.

Offering users a glimpse of all features through a test usage of one function

Native Android apps, without the installation


What is Android Instant Apps?

The mobile apps, for the most part, offer value through multiple functionalities and features. It is not restricted to a single feature or function. The challenge is in meeting the partial requirements of users in the first test usage that makes it good enough for the user to find the whole app appealing.

android instant app size limit with benefits


There is a tremendous benefit of reducing the app size

The app which needs to remain within the threshold of 10MB size offers developers the options to create little modules that deliver distinct functionalities and features that are searchable through URLs. This is precisely how the bite-sized Android instant apps are all set to take Apps to the real next level.

Why does the small size make a big difference?

The small-sized applications permit users to check out portions of native apps through a web browser or in Google Play Store through the ‘Try Now’ button. To put it simply, a user who enters in certain keywords will now get to click on links that will execute just that portion of the app or a specific compartmentalised module. If the user at any point of time finds that the whole app will be of better use, then he or she gets to download the whole app.

App developers have for long worked around the process of developing a module through a cycle that includes - wireframe, feasibility, prototype/MVP, design, development, testing and deployment. In other words, mobile app development has always been regarded as a single module carried out through different processes.

However, Android instant apps change the whole equation. Developers can now look at features and functionalities as separate cogs and work on developing the individual cogs. The advantage available to developers is the fact that instant apps can be developed through Android Studio. For an experienced team, developing  Android instant apps will be accomplished easily by expertly breaking down the apps into separate modules, and refactoring the apps.  

What are the Benefits of Android Instant App for your Business?

how to use Android Instant App for your business

The strongest motivator for businesses to try out Android instant Apps is the greater visibility offered. As of March 2018, there were around 3.3 million apps on the Google Play Store. Given the amount of competition, it is possible to easily understand that for any given function or feature, there are multiple apps on the Google Play Store. The challenge faced by businesses has always been the need to be listed right on top at the app stores. The top challenges addressed by Instant Apps include:

1. Breaking free from the competition in the segment:

This is a huge challenge for many businesses that do not experience relative growth. In other words, while the number of downloads and users are likely to increase proportionately over time, the chances of an app overtaking others in terms of downloads and occupying the prime spot are not very bright, unless the app offers ultimate innovation and exclusive features. This is where Android instant Apps takes the bull by the horns. Instant Apps offer businesses the opportunity to break free and overtake the competition within the segment.

2. Ability to promote the app on any channel and medium:

The promotion of a regular app was typically restricted to a limited playing field. Android instant apps are largely popular due to the opportunity to promote the little modules as searchable components. The link to the app gets to be featured on multiple platforms, including social media, offering increased options for promoting the app. In other words, it is possible to gain better visibility as a result of bite-sized applications featuring different platforms. Businesses can get around the challenge of figuring high on the app store list.

3. Higher conversion rates:

Users who found the specific features of the app to be more convenient and perfectly aligned with their exact requirements are more likely to convert into full-fledged customers. Users who are not attracted enough to download an app are less likely to turn into customers, and this is where Android instant apps are the game-changer. Users find the lightweight options more convenient and hassle-free and are more likely to try out a simple feature. This will help drive conversion rates.

4. Usage of functions without eating into storage space:

The latest crop of smartphones available in the market certainly has more computing power and storage space. But it may not be practical to expect every user to have the very latest smartphone. And regardless of the storage space, users will find that space is always at a premium with high-quality visuals and media files taking up most of the space. And when it comes to pruning files and making space on a smartphone, the axe falls on apps that may not be used always. With Android instant apps, users will not find the need to make difficult decisions and continue to use the functions without taking up storage space on the device.

Take the assistance of our experts:

Android instant apps are differentiators, quite unlike the usual transformation witnessed in app development. It is the true value differentiator required in a market that is choking with the competition. Users get to see and use a component without having to download the whole app.

At Intelivita, the quality-driven processes, technical expertise and domain experience combine to offer clients advanced and progressive solutions. Our android app development team comprises some of the sharpest minds, who possess the experience to skillfully help clients decide on refactoring the apps and breaking down the functionalities into modules.

This is critical to the success of Android instant apps - businesses need to identify the features/functionalities that are most sought after, and at Intelivita, our development teams help businesses to compartmentalize the apps into the most suitable, searchable options.

If you are looking to build an Android Instance App to boost User Engagement and Retention, Intelvita is the right team for you.

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