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Meet the Intelivita Team

In 2018, no business can thrive and prosper without some form of web or mobile presence, and our deep understanding of the requirements of small business’ and larger organisations have helped our clientele to obtain customised solutions that they required.

Flexibility and passions for our work have yielded revolutionary outputs, which has fascinated our small to big brands clients and the software development community as a whole.

We love to eat, drink, and breathe the latest technologies and trends, so our launch tables find filled with tech humour instead of entertainments.

Our History of Progression

A Look at our Experience

When Intelivita first came to fruition, the open source web era was rocking, and the mobile era has since opened its account in the digital word with innovative and fascinating technologies, devices, and networking.

  • 100 +

    Successfully Developed Projects

    We have acquired our web and mobile development expertise swiftly to bring astounding blended results for all platforms. Our 100+ successful projects reveal many facets of our expertise and experiences.

    We grew as a full-cycle, mobile-first Software Development Company by helping prominent brands in UK industries and organisations.

  • 150 +

    We Foster Creativity

    Creativity always comes at a price, and we are paying for it by providing the best working environment to our team where solid communication and networking infrastructure commits collaboration. Our recreational infrastructure developed stress-free environment.

    Our training schemes keep our human resources updated to win battles in the market.

  • 90 %

    Client Satisfaction the First Priority

    We put our endeavours to keep our words to satisfy our patrons by taking client-centric approaches with an aim to deliver sustainable outcomes to fuel grow and boost revenues.

    Thus, our one-time clientele converts into loyal patrons and come back again-and-again, and even bring more by recommending us in their circles.

  • 25 +

    Professional Team with Professional Ethics

    We recruit only serious and professionally behaving designers, programmers, developers, marketers, and other staff members who are ready to bear the responsibilities.

    We strictly follow industry standard professional ethics like behaving politely, time punctuality, honour the commitments, and focus only essentials to deliver the excellence.

  • 50 +

    Expanded Client Base

    Our appropriate development strategies and methodologies, as well as transparent project management, make possible to address bespoken needs of clients and their business.

    It has expanded our client base from the nations of Europe to the USA, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Israel, Thailand and Hong Kong.


We Are Loyal to Our Core Values

We are devoted to our core values that provide added benefits in our clients business that stretch beyond the initial project, be it in web design or a mobile application development project.

  • We Build Strong Relationships

    We invest heavily in building long-term relationships by providing quality, user experiences, and performance in your software products

  • We Are Quality Conscious

    We love quality seekers. Hence, our prime focus is software quality that earns us some real applauds from clients and their end-users.

  • We Are Creative & Innovative

    Our abilities to think out-of-box bring innovation, revolution, and uniqueness even by pushing the boundaries a bit further than anyone can.

Our Mission

To determine our dominance in the current and upcoming software technologies by delivering futuristic solutions that keeping them serving and staying for longer.

Our Vision

To earn admiration from the patrons across the globe and different verticals of the industry by delivering fascinating yet solutions to their problems/challenges.


Software Expertise of the Intelivita Team

We have software development expertise in a range of niches – The Contemporary Technologies.

Mobile Apps Development

Our mobile apps are either enable you to earn a million dollar fortune out of the market or ease the life of your internal staff and external customers.

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Web Development

We make web usage still relevant and rewarding high as well by integrating the upcoming technologies and trends.

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Game Development

We appease game lovers by handing over intuitive and engaging games with mobility to enjoy it even while on the go!

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AR App Development

Augmented Reality has passed its infantile phase, but our maturity in this awesome technology enables us to be first in your niche market with apparent results.

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VR App Development

Virtual Reality is becoming a big industry driver in itself by providing innovative ways to perceive and do business, and our share is noteworthy in its ecosystem.

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Why Choose Us

Why is Intelivita the Best for Your Project?

why should you select the team at Intelivita for your web development or mobile app development project? Here are some clues to help you make your decision.

  • We Are Tech Evangelists

    Our passion for technologies has proved us a highly skilled team in the UK and across Europe. We easily digest the coming technologies and yield client-centric solutions quickly before market reacts to tech trends.

  • We Are Veteran Developers

    We have fought many battles of delivering successful software solutions in challenging scenarios and several constraints using our prolonged exposure in the industry and territories of the UK.

  • We Are a Distinguished Team

    Our innate capabilities of being team player and our infrastructure permit us to establish long-term relationships with global clients. Our effective conversations and project management win them forever.

  • 08_definechallenge_temporary

    We Are Challenge Lovers

    We forget everything else when a challenge posed by the client needs, upcoming technologies, or delivering innovative solutions. We push our boundaries hard and make constant efforts to hit our goals.

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